Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrecking Crew Reunion in San Francisco (Part 2)

On Saturday, we got up and headed to Olympic Café for a yummy breakfast. J and I both wanted to make sure we started our carb loading for the race as early as possible, so we we thrilled to chow down on pancakes, bacon and eggs. Plus, we all needed to fuel up for a busy day of sightseeing and hitting up the race expo.

We hopped on our tour bus and started around the city, learning all sorts of cool facts about buildings and various parts of the city.

We're all children of the 80s, so that means we held a special place in our hearts for Alamo Square and the famous Painted Ladies that are shown during the opening sequence of Full House. We realized that we remembered most of the words to the theme song.

We hopped back on the bus and enjoyed riding down Haight/Ashbury and seeing all the unique little boutiques and restaurants. I liked how "decorated" all of the storefronts were!

We were determined to sit on the top of the bus, but it was cloudy and chilly... it's kind of crazy to feel this cold in July!

We were all pretty excited about riding the bus across the Golden Gate Bridge, at least until we were in the middle of it. We were freezing! The bus was probably going about 50 mph... on a chilly, cloud day... across water. I told the girls that it was the worst roller coaster ride ever.

We got off on the other side of the bridge so that we could warm up a bit and snap some pictures with the bridge. I actually don't mind that it was so foggy - I feel like that's how it's supposed to be in San Francisco!
We made our final stop at the Palace of Fine Arts. Unfortunately, some construction barriers kept us from getting inside and taking pictures. We had to settle for just seeing it from across the pond.
After wrapping up our tour of the city, it was time for J and I to transition from vacation mode to marathon mode and head to the race expo. S and A headed off to do some shopping, and we took a bus to get to the expo. I was super excited for J since this was her first marathon!

I LOVED that the race slogan was "worth the hurt." I definitely hurt during this marathon (I blame my lack of training), but it was definitely worth it!

At the expo, I was thrilled to get to meet Aron! It was a quick hello since J and I needed to attack the expo, but it was SO great to get to have a brief meet-up with one of my favorite bloggers. When you read someone and communicate with them regularly, it's just always nice to have met in person to feel like you actually know who you are talking to! Aron is totally awesome, and it was nice to talk in person!

J and I checked out all the booths and enjoyed some free samples. I had forgotten to pack my compression recovery socks, but I'd been wanting to get a second pair for a while. We were able to get a little discount since we both decided to buy a pair, and we each got a pair of free runing socks to boot. Score. J made some other purchases, and I almost bought a shirt that said "I'm only doing this so I can post a photo on Facebook" because I thought it was so funny. In the end, I didn't want to spend the $26.

They also had a free photo booth! We totally stood in line to get our free pictures. I haven't scanned it in yet, but I'll try to remember to share it because it was super cute!

I have to admit - I was a little disappointed in the race expo. I have it in my head that San Francisco is a big race (even though with 24,000 runners in all the races, it's 10,000 people smaller than Nashville), so I expected a big expo. It was smaller than Nashville's, and I guess that makes sense since the race is smaller as well. Nonetheless, it was small and crammed into a tiny little space. Maybe part of it is that I've been to enough expos now that I know it's always the same stuff, and I'm just not as excited about them any more since I already have pretty much everything I want that I could buy at one.

After the expo, we met back up with S and A at Sodini's for some serious carb loading dinner. Lots of bread and pasta - and it was SOOOO good!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and got in the hot tub for a bit. Since we'd been walking around a lot (typically not a wise thing to do before a marathon), we wanted to get a little relief for our feet and legs.

J and I took quick showers, and S braided my hair. We laid everything out and headed to bed to get ready for that 4:30am alarm.

Next post - The San Francisco Marathon!


abbi said...

Looks like a fantastic time! I love the photos in front of the houses from the opening of Full House! said...

Love all the pics!!!!! Sounds like tons of fun!!!!!

Jocelyn said...

Yeah for site seeing. Boo for small expos! But still...What ever happend to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V

aron said...

AHHH i am still so glad that we got to meet, if only for a few minutes :) its just nice to put a real person to an email/blog after all this time! hopefully we get to meet up again sometime soon and hang out for longer! glad you had such a great time in SF and congrats again on another marathon!!