Monday, August 23, 2010

First Long Run

Ok, so it's not like yesterday was truly a first long run. I ran 14 miles. It's not really where you start. But then I think about how it's the longest I've run since the marathon 4 weeks before... so maybe the 26.2 was like my last long run, and now I'm starting over. Or something.

I hadn't managed to get myself out there the past 2 weekends for numerous reasons, and I will admit that I had to push myself out of bed when the alarm went off a little after 5am.

The Striders were holding one of their fall training runs, and I knew I'd need to take advantage of it if I expected to get a respectable long run done this weekend.

It was warm. It wasn't as hot as it has been lately, but the humidity was crazy high. I think every inch of clothing I had on was soaked by mile 3. I was certainly thankful that it was cloudy or else it could have been a more miserable experience.

As it went, it wasn't half bad. I never really felt terrible, but I was always glad to get some Gatorade at the water stops. At the same time, I was glad when we got back to the start and had logged our 14 miles. Some runners were adding an extra out and back to do 18, but since my next full is a ways away I knew that'd be excessive for me.

Nonetheless, the fact that I went out and ran 14 is pretty awesome. I hit my normal base for the week and feel like I'm on track as I get started on this new training cycle that includes two halfs, a full and then culminates with the Goofy Challenge.

I spent the rest of the day spending some time with my family before taking it easy on the couch for the evening. I've been watching season one of Alias, and it. is. awesome. Needless to say, I crashed pretty early.

I did some abs work today, and I hope to start fitting in some spin classes. I really want to start gradually increasing my cross training as I get further into this training program. I know it'd be a huge help come time to run 39.3 miles in one weekend.

So here we go... first long run on the books. I've got a lot more to log between now and that weekend in January.


Nicole said...

great job on the girl!!! :) keep up the good work!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Good job girl!

Quirky said...

Ack. You make me tired just reading about it, but I'm glad you were able to get 14 miles in. Happy running!