Sunday, August 29, 2010

Loving This City

I've officially lived in Nashville proper for two months now. As I ran out this afternoon to complete a few errands, I found myself thinking about how much I love living here.

It's certainly been one of the best decisions I've made lately.

Honestly, things haven't been quite what I expected for some reasons... but at the same time it's been things I expected and then so much more.

I love it.

After picking up a coffee table I bought through craigslist on Friday night, I enjoyed a quiet evening at home. I woke up early on Saturday morning and drove all of 2 miles to meet up with some friends for a long run. We found ourselves running all over downtown Nashville well before the hustle and bustle of Saturday and the activities it brings to the city began. Even though our 10-mile run felt uphill the entire way (that pedestrian bridge is NOT fun to run over), I found myself thinking about how awesome it is that I get to run around this city so much more often now.

I took advantage of the pool, took a nap and then headed out for a fun evening on the town with Amy. Neither of us were sure that we'd want to be out too late, but next thing I know we had closed down the city. After logging many long runs together, we had never logged a night out on the town. I think it's safe to say we had a blast talking and catching up... and maybe flirting a little bit with some boys. :) One was British. Those accents...

I spent today taking it easy and catching up on some chores (and watching the Emmy's), but I can't help but smile over having such a nice weekend. I know that this is why I moved into the city. These people that I'm getting to spend more time with were a huge driving factor behind the decision, and it brings a sense of warm fuzzies to be able to be young and not married and doing that whole "young professional" thing with them.

There are things I'm not happy about right now, but as far as living in the city? I couldn't be happier.

Will I live in the city forever? Hard to say. I can see wanting to live back in the suburbs later on. But for now? This is perfect. Truly.

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Nicole said...

sounds simply amazing. i am happy for you!