Saturday, August 14, 2010


I needed to do a long run this morning, but that didn't happen.

I settled for 6 miles on the treadmill while watching a cheesy movie, which surprisingly helped the hour to go by more quickly.

I felt a little defeated afterwards, but I have to keep things in perspective. I DID just ran a marathon 3 weeks ago, so it's not like it's hurting me to not being hitting high mileage right now.

Oh, and the heat index is ridiculous. My car said 106 when I got out of the gym. I had thought about going to the pool when I got back, but it is so hot I couldn't even stand the thought of being outside in the sun, even if I were in the pool.

So I watched another cheesy movie in my air conditioned apartment instead. I hope some relief from this heat is in sight.

In the meantime, I splurged and bought a ridiculously expensive race photo from the San Francisco marathon for my scrapbook (that SOMEDAY I will catch up on again!). It's one of the better race photos I've seen of myself, and I couldn't resist. It reminded me today that just because it's hot right now and I'm not nailing runs the way I'd like, I AM capable.

I've got a training plan to start knocking out, and I'm excited about getting myself back into the swing of things soon!

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Nicole said...

love the pic!!! you'll be back to high mileage in no time sweets!!! :)