Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunshiney Weekend

There have been some things in my world that have been less than sunshiney lately, so it was rather lovely to have enjoyed a weekend that I feel like I can fully classify as "sunshiney."

For starters, there was a lot of sunshine. As in, there was not a cloud in the sky.

We've been having some crazy TN summer heat lately, straight up with heat advisories and heat indexes close to 110 degrees. It's been miserable. On Friday morning, I woke up to thunderstorms and pouring rain... and I couldn't have been happier. With the rain came slightly cooler temps and less humidity. By Friday afternoon, the sun was shining.

I spent a bit of time having frozen yogurt with a good friend I don't see often enough. She and I were able to sit on a bench (in the shade) and have a little girl time without dripping too much sweat. I came home and had a late dinner before starting to make some evening plans... but it didn't take me long to realize I was exhausted and wanted to stay in. Sometimes a quiet night alone is best.

I apparently really needed some sleep because I slept 12 hours Friday night! I woke up and headed out to the pool, my dear friend Ben joining me. We couldn't get over how gorgeous of a day we were having. It was definitely sunny and warm, but it was surprisingly not that bad. Over the 3 hours we were out, I only felt the need to get in the pool once an hour. It was nice enjoying the sun and the breeze while catching up on some magazine reading.

My grandma recently had a birthday, so I spent Saturday night joining my family to take her to the Loveless Cafe for a yummy southern meal. I went here for the first time back in May for my birthday, and I was excited we were going again so soon! It's definitely a Nashville classic. We also decided to take her to do a little shopping since it was sales tax free weekend here in Tennessee.

I was most excited when we went to this amazing used bookstore here in town (McKay's on Charlotte for you locals). I always love going there when I need new books to read. I walked out of there with 6 novels for less than $5. Granted, you don't always find what you might want... but I can always find something to read. I don't mind buying books that I'm not sure if I'll like or not since they're so cheap. You can always sell them back when you're done!

I had planned on going to the Striders 16-mile training run this morning.... but I didn't end up making it. I felt kind of bad when I woke up later (much later than intended), but as I thought about it throughout the day I decided it was probably for the best. For starters, it's only been 2 weeks since the marathon... so 16 may have been a little much, especially in this heat. Plus, I think maybe I needed the sleep. I've been really drained lately, and I kind of feel rested and normal today for the first time in weeks.

I spent the afternoon at the pool again, this time with Ben and Erin. It was another cloudless day, but it was a bit warmer than yesterday... so I spent way more time in the water. I'm determined to make use of the pool more often while I still can. I know winter will roll along in time, and I don't want to regret not using it. Plus, the more tan I can get now, the longer I can make it into the winter before I look like a ghost again!

I headed over to the mall to check out the tax free shopping there, but I never found anything I couldn't live without... my wallet was glad, haha.

I rounded out the evening with dinner at Bosco's with a friend from high school before coming home to put on my pjs. I'm getting ready to curl up with one of my new books I started reading today.

I could be a lot happier right now. There's a lot on my mind and heart these days. But this weekend was something I needed I think. It was good to rest and relax and spend some time not doing much of anything.

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Jamie said...

Sounds like a very good weekend. hope it's exactly what you needed to go down a better and happier path!