Thursday, August 12, 2010


I live in a fairly nice part of Nashville.

One of the parts that when you tell people your zip code, it's not unlikely for someone to be all like, "ahh, good zip code."

So I was a little surprised at what I saw last night.

I had come home from the gym (I had a great 8x400 speed workout!) and decided it was due time to take my trash out. This isn't exactly a difficult thing to do, but when there's a heat advisory going on you don't exactly have the extra energy to walk the trash to where the Dumpset is a few buildings away.

As I got closer to the Dumpster, I could hear a lot of noise. As I rounded the corner, I found that there was a man standing in one of them tossing things out. I tried not to stare, but I couldn't help it. As I walked closer and tossed my bag into one of the other Dumpsters, it became quite clear that he was going through everything and tossing out stuff that he apparently wanted. One of the items I saw on the ground appeared to be a couple of old door knobs.

His pick-up truck nearby? The bed was packed to overflowing with tons of stuff. I guess this guy goes around collecting stuff, and I couldn't help but wonder what he does with it all.

It was certainly the first time I had seen that since moving to the neighborhood. I probably wouldn't have been surprised to see such a thing when I lived in LaVergne, but it definitely seemed out of the ordinary for this part of Nashville. Then again, who am I to say?


Kimberly300 said...

When I moved out of my apartment in Shelbyville I threw a bunch of junk in the dumpster, went back upstairs and happened to look out the window and a man had put his 3 or 4 yr old kid INTO the dumpster to hand stuff out to him.. I couldn't believe it.

Running and living said...

Poor people go to rich neighborhoods and look for things in the dumpsters. Not uncommon. Some people have it tough! Lucky it is not us.

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

Believe it or not...lots of people go dumpster-diving and aren't on the out-and-out, but I guess it depends where you go. I never have done it, but sometimes people throw away some cool stuff, just because they don't want to bother trying to give it away or find a place for it...
Anyhoo, I didn't realize until this post that you live in Nashville :) Opps! I really want to do the Nashville Ultra Marathon next year in 2011. Good luck in your upcoming race!