Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm running 21 miles this weekend.

The longest run I've had since the SF Marathon on July 25 has been 16 miles, but I figure that 5 extra miles can't be SO bad. It should be in the mid-60s when we get started, but the high that day is 93... so it could end up getting quite warm before we're done. It doesn't matter in Tennessee that fall officially begins next week... it can stay warm and humid for weeks.

It's a little early in terms of when my next marathon is to be running this far, but I want to take advantage of the group training run. Plus, I have a half marathon and a 15K coming up as well as another half marathon I'd like to PR at, so it makes sense to me that solid long runs now are wise.

Not to mention I've got that Goofy thing looming... I suppose more long runs now will help that, too.

So 21 miles it is... catch ya on the flip side.

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