Friday, September 3, 2010

Ready for Some 3-Day Weekend

I love it when 3-day weekends roll around, and I've really been needing this one. I've got some stuff planned, but I also have some downtown that I know I will enjoy.

What's on the agenda?
  • Finally going to the Frist Center and seeing the couture exhibit
  • A training run with the Striders
  • Coffee with a new friend
  • Lounging by the pool with books and magazines
  • A trip to the mall to pick up a wedding gift and to use an awesome coupon at The Limited
  • More tv on dvd
  • Visiting a church I've wanted to check out in town

It's going to be nice to do some things that I've been wanting to do as well as relax and not have to be rigid with my schedule.

I'm debating how far I'm going to run at the training run. The plan for the run is 20 miles, but I don't really NEED to do that much at this point in my training. Plus, the longest I've run in the past 5 weeks since the San Francisco marathon has been 14 miles.

Granted, I ran that race on 16 miles... so jumping from 14 to just 20 hardly seems terrible. And the weather forecast in the morning? It won't be above 70 until the end of when I could be running. The humidity looks a little high, but it won't be terrible. So a part of me feels like I'd be a pansy to cut it short at 16-17 miles when other people are doing 20. Besides, I really want to do well at all my fall races, and a few more miles tomorrow could be wise.

We'll see what I decide. I may just go by feel tomorrow.

One thing I know for sure? I'm having lunch at the Pizza Hut buffet today. I have a coupon for $5, and it'd be some great carb-loading for however many miles I tackle at the run.

Woo to the hoo... it's going to be a good weekend.


Nicole said...

sounds like you have a great weekend planned!!!! :) enjoy yourself!

Tara said...

I am SO looking forward to having a 3 day weekend too! Have a great run and enjoy the extra day off :)