Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rest Week

I inadvertently took a rest week.

Granted, running 21 miles on Sunday and then racing a half marathon the following Saturday probably doesn't count as a rest week.

But I didn't run on any weekdays.

I had planned to fit in a run yesterday to make sure the legs felt good for the race, but honestly? I just wasn't feeling it.

And then a friend suggested happy hour, and I was sold.

Part of me feels a little lazy, but part of me is really glad I took it easy this week. I'm still trying to just ease into the higher mileage I need to be doing to prep for Goofy, and I've got the time to do it. No sense cramming in too many miles too early.

Besides... I needed to taper for the half, right? :)


Matt said...

Isn't that what friends are for? :-)

Nicole said...

woot! :) i love rest weeks!

rinusrunning said...

No problem take a rest and that makes strong!.