Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Several of my friends and I decided to stick with celebrating Halloween on Saturday night, and we ended up having a total blast! I don't think I've had a night this fun in months!

I had been excited about my costume ever since I bought it the day after Halloween last year. I've wanted to be a bumblebee for years, and I was thrilled to find a super cute version.

After getting ready, some friends and I gathered to hang out and enjoy some snacks before heading out.

M and M attended as Betty from Mad Men and Alan from The Hangover.

My sister wore my saloon girl costume from last year and looked super cute!

P went as a version of Sidney Bristow from Alias. This photo also illustrates how I used my stinger throughout the evening. I'm not even kidding - if I made eye contact with anyone (in particular, cute boys), I'd grab my stinger and "sting" them and go "Buzzzzzz!" I got a LOT of laughs.

The other person in our group, E, went as Sandy from the end of Grease. I definitely thought all of our costumes were pretty cool!

We called a cab and headed out to midtown, my favorite part of Nashville to go out in with friends. I decided to take some photos in the cab, but I forgot that I should probably stop singing, "baby I like it" while taking the photo. (We had all been singing since it was on the radio. I feel bad for our driver.)

Halloween may just be the only time I'll ever see a baby in Red Door.

We had so much fun at Red Door. I think we were there close to three hours, and it ended up getting so crowded. I met some new people and had some excellent conversations. I think what I like most about Halloween is that you always have something to talk about with the perfect strangers around you. I wish we could wear costumes out more often!

My sister and I have never really gone out together much, so it was really fun to get to have her out with me and my friends.

P's wig is awesome by the way.

So Red Door is one of my favorite places in Nashville. There's this hole in the floor, and it's usually something that guys will try to get girls to get on the floor to look through... with the intention being that the girl will then have her butt up in the air and they can check it out.

E totally decided to have a look, and then I followed suit. I had never looked before, not wanting to be the girl everyone was laughing at... but since it was Halloween, it seemed like the best time to finally take a peek.

I also held my camera to the hole and took a picture of what's down there...

After having an excellent time at Red Door, we headed across the street to Loser's. The place was packed, and we didn't stay too terribly long. A girl stepped on my foot with her high heel, causing me to almost cry in pain... I was pretty much over the crowds after that.

So we hopped in a cab and headed to Greenhouse, another favorite spot here in Green Hills. Last year, P and I ended up there and had a super time... but this year there was hardly anyone there. Nonetheless, we hung out for a while. I think it was actually pretty perfect because it gave us a chance to stay out a bit longer but to also be able to be a bit more chill. We didn't have to yell any more to hear each other, and I wasn't having to hold on to my wings while squeezing through crowds.

I met this guy J who happens to also run and found out that he's often gone to the East Nasty runs that I have just started going to. There's something neat to me when I connect with other runners out in public. It's like I immediately know it's ok to talk about running since they run, too.

We didn't get back to my place until 3am. I haven't been up that late in a little while, so I'm feeling it today. At one time we talked about going to the East Nashville pub crawl tonight, but none of us really felt like going out again. Instead, I did some cleaning, took a nap, and have enjoyed a quiet day catching up on my hulu queue.

It was definitely a fun Halloween with some of my favorite people. I couldn't have asked for a better night.

I'm just kind of sad I don't have more reasons to wear my bumblebee outfit.

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Nicole said...

Halloween is for sure my favorite holiday! I love getting dressed up and chatting with random strangers about stuff!!! Too fun!! :-) I love your costume! I wish there were reasons to be dressed up too! It's so fun!!!