Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early Thanksgiving

Tonight I sat in a living room of a good friend, having an early Thanksgiving dinner with close to 40 other people.

I didn't know many of the people there, but I had an excellent time getting to know a couple of gals around me over a hodge podge of yummy Thanksgiving foods.

I left so full that I can't suck in my tummy.

But more importantly, I left smiling.

The past few months have been a bit of a roller coaster for me. For once, I'll admit it out loud... things kind of sucked for a while because of a boy who was surprisingly and unnecessarily mean to me. And I can't say that I am not still bothered by it, but time marches on... and even though I thought he was a great guy for a while and deep down still believe that he probably really is a great guy who just didn't act great for a while... it's not worth it to keep thinking on it.

So I've forced myself to think and talk about the whole ordeal as little as possible.

And then killed a bunch of my running PRs.

Sure, it still bugs me how things went down with him. I still hate that so much is left unresolved.

But there are too many other things in my life to keep smiling about... like jumping into last minute 200-mile relays with 11 strangers and leaving it with family, including one new friend who is quickly becoming a bright spot in my days... and waking up on rainy mornings with a sweet kitty cat curled up close to my chest to stay warm... and good friends who invite you to eat way too much at Maggiano's instead of going for a run... and good friends who welcome you into their home for an early Thanksgiving... and upcoming marathons.... and Christmas.

I could keep going.

My point is that I've been a little less than myself for a while now. I'm never capable of being 100% me when I'm a little blue. But I'm remembering tonight that there is much to be happy about in my life, even if there is still one unhappy thing.


Sometimes it comes from turkey and sweet potatos and laughter over dinner.


d.a.r. said...

You just sound so content. I love it.

Nicole said...

I love how happy you are right now! :) :)