Friday, November 19, 2010

Life with My Social Media

Sometimes I can't really remember life before social media.

When I was standing in line with two friends Wednesday night to get free Panda Express, I asked Matt how he even heard about this.


I questioned how we ever found out about stuff like this before social media.

"Hearsay," Chris replied.

True. And that's a southernism if I've ever heard one.

But social media really has enhanced my life in a lots of ways other than hearing about free food.

On Thursday evening, I noticed a tweet from one of the guys I follow mentioning that he had an extra ticket to see NeedToBreathe at the Ryman that night. I had wanted to go to this show but never made the effort to find someone else to go and buy tickets. I didn't have any set plans Thursday. So I decided, why not? Within 10 minutes of a couple of tweets and a phone call, I was getting ready to head downtown.

Now here's the really interesting part. I hadn't actually ever met this guy. He lives in Nashville. He runs with East Nasty. He runs races that I run. But we'd never really bumped into each other. I'd probably have been a little nervous about meeting up with a perfect stranger and his friends, but I felt like I was already pretty well networked with this guy. We pretty much run in the same circles, and it was probably a matter of time before we finally saw each other somewhere and spoke.

When we met up in front of the Ryman, I felt like I already kind of knew the guy. We have a lot of mutual friends on Facebook, and the way I see is that a friend of a friend is a friend of mine. (Welcome to the south.) I joined him and 3 others and saw an AMAZING concert.

Seriously, if you have never listened to NeedToBreathe, go now and check them out. This youtube video is for one of my favorite songs.

It was a great concert and a fun night getting to know a few new people. Thank you twitter. I couldn't have made it happen without you.

A few photos of the band...


Marianna said...

So fun! I've liked that song, but I like it even better now after seeing the video.

Nicole said...

I love social media... i dont know how i would live with out it now!! it truly is amazing how much blogs, twitter and facebook are apart of my daily life!