Monday, November 22, 2010

The Monkey - The Short Version

I finished.


A time that I'm pretty damn pleased with considering it's a tough course compared to other marathons I've run.

Full race report to come... a friend's wife got some photos of us at the start and during the race, so I want to collect those before I give my full report.

I actually felt really good, had a ton of fun and am only a little sore today.

There was also a very awkward conversation with a man about my boobs. I'm honestly not so sure how it got started. I was chatting about needing to change into some dry clothes, and somehow the conversation turned to ballet and I mentioned I used to be a ballerina and next thing I know he's saying something about small chests being an advantage and that he thinks depending on how you're raised you have a different perspective on what's beautiful and that he thinks small chests like what ballerinas have are nice.

Umm... yeah.

(And if you read my blog mister... I don't mean offense. You just caught me and my post-marathon brain off guard.)

I'll post the report soon.

Oh, and I'm running in the Boulevard Bolt 5-Miler on Thanksgiving morning.... just in case you're still wondering about my sanity.


Nicole said...

1. I'm so proud of you! Your a running machine lately... and although I'm jealous, you deserve it! Your kicking some serious assphalt! ;)

2. Ok totally awakard topic during a marathon, but whatever rocks your boat.

3. you are racing a 5 miler less than a week after your marathon? screw the instanity plea, your just plane nuts! teehee!

xoxoxo <3

Chris said...

I guess the Monkey makes us all idiots. I can barely walk, much less thinking about another race.

Great finish (and your finish line photos are priceless - good stuff.)

rinusrunning said...

Congrats and a good marathon time.
I wait for your race report!.