Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Night Before Monkey

I'm running a marathon tomorrow morning.

One that is supposedly in the top 5 hardest in the country.

One that once seemed like it was a long time away, and now here we are on the eve of the Monkey.

I'll be running in the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, a marathon run entirely in Percy Warner Park. PWP is one of the hilliest parks in Nashville.

Yep. The 200 or so of us running are crazy.

Today I went to pick up all of my awesome race swag.

This year's theme is Peace, Love, Hills - Monkey Groovy.

Race number and tattoo (that I will wear during the race)

Hatch Print and magnet (we also got a sticker just like the magnet)

The t-shirt

Front of the long-sleeve tech shirt with my name!

Back of the tech shirt

Time goals? Bah hah ha.

Finishing is key.

A few friends are coming over for pasta for a little pre-race meal, and there may be wine... because as Matt puts it, "I think I'll need at least one glass to calm myself from thinking about the fact that we're actually running the Monkey the next day."

Stay tuned for a race report. Pray I survive.


abbi said...

Good luck and have fun! This looks like a cool race!

Nicole said...