Monday, November 1, 2010

Race Report: Run for Mercy 5K

Last year, I served as the Event Chair for the first ever Run for Mercy 5K. I didn't run the actual event, so I was excited that this year I would be doing so. This event benefits Mercy Ministries.

I've been helping to plan this race for months, and I lost a bit of sleep the past week or so as I thought through all the final details leading up to the big day. I was up at 5am on Saturday to head to the park to get things rolling.

My friend Paige rode with me since she was volunteering and running, and we were totally glad to be together. The park we held the event in is right on the river, and the fog Saturday morning was crazy. It definitely felt like Halloween! Meanwhile, my sweet friend and coworker Whitney was working to get the van with ALL of the race stuff defrosted and to the park. (Of course, the first frost took place the night before our event.)

We met up with the rest of the committee of volunteers who helped plan the race and got busy setting everything up. Registration. Vendors. The course markers. And so on. Before long, the runners started showing up.

Registration went SO smoothly. As in, there was never a back up in the lines. We definitely nailed that this year as far as I'm concerned.

We had a lot of fun things like inflatables and face painting for the kids, and Maggie from Maggie Moo's came out (as well as Ozzie from the Nashville Sounds).

So many of my sweet friends joined my team and came out for the big event. Here are two of them!

Whit and I recruited our daddies to come out and help as well. We couldn't have done it without them!

Seeing this picture of the front of the runners makes me smile.

My little sister also came out to run (and of course beat me since she's way faster than me at short distances... although she only beat me by 15 seconds this time!)

More sweet friends of mine that were there.

Most of my team of friends... unfortunately I couldn't find about four of them for our group picture. I have the most amazing friends in the world, and I'm so thankful for their support they show me and an organization I believe in.

Before long, it was time to start the race. I started out at the front of the pack. I love this picture because like five people on my team are in it with me.

This photo is a little over halfway through the race.

Nearing the end and still feeling good even though I was running way faster than I thought I was capable of doing. Ultimately, I finished in 23:36... a full minute and four seconds faster than my previous PR. I was thrilled!

Here is some of the team after the race.

I love that my friends got into the Mercy pink spirit - Brian even painted his nails!

My sister and I each placed second in our age groups!

After helping to give out awards and the big prizes, we cleaned up and left the park. It's crazy how quickly the event goes by, especially when you consider that we planned it for months!

Some of my friends and I grabbed some sushi after the event and enjoyed some more time together.

My team won the Team Spirit award (we were SO decked out in pink!) - the award was a yummy pie that we enjoyed at lunch!

The event ended up having 970 registrants and raised a little over $61,000!!! Not so shabby for our second year. It was definitely a terrific morning for me, both as a race planner and a race runner!


Heather Grace said...

I ran a 5k Saturday morning, too! It was so fun and I did pretty well.

Amy said...

Wow!!! Lots of congrats to be doled out!!!

First of all, congrats on the PR! That is AMAZING! You are on a serious roll, lately!!!!

But more importantly, congrats on the event! $61,000 is huge!!!!

Nicole said...

amazing amazing race! your becoming quite the little speedster there miss melanie! great work!

Love to Run said...

Congratulations on a great turn out and sucessful event! And awesome time you ran as well. While I wasn't there in person, I was there in spirit thinking of you and the team while I was running my race here in WI.