Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Several friends and I joined East Nasty once again this week for the group run. We got around 4 miles in (it was a shorter route this week) and enjoyed some pretty decent weather.

Instead of hanging around to socialize like I usually do, several of us headed to the new Panda Express that just opened. We totally stood in line in the cold for 30 minutes to get free food.

And it was worth it. Two entrees, a side and a drink for free? Heck. Yes.

After scarfing that down and taking a shower, I'm realizing that I've been all about the deals on food this week. I went with some girlfriends to Maggiano's on Monday night, this terriffic Italian restaurant that I rarely get to eat at since it's a bit pricey. They have this deal where you can get TWO entrees for $12.95! They encourage you to have one there and take the other one home. Of course, one entree there is enough for two meals for me... so after eating part of one, I came home with the rest and the other entree. This has shaped up to be 4 meals for $12.95.

And a lot of pasta.

And then I had rice and spring rolls and kung pao chicken tonight.

Clearly, I'm eating like I'm running a marathon on Sunday.

Which I kind of keep forgetting.

But maybe that's for the best. It's one of the toughest marathons in the country... I'm crazy for running it... so maybe it's better to not think about it much in these final days leading up to it.

I'll be sure to let you know if I think all these meals end up helping me tackle the impending hills, ha!

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Nicole said...

all this food talk is making me starve! lol