Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas - Bullet Point Style

My Christmas season has been a busy one, so please humor me and enjoy hearing the highlights in bullet point style.
  • My last day of work until January was Tuesday. SO awesome to get a Christmas break!!!
  • I cut about 3 inches off my hair. It wasn't a lot, but it's enough to feel like it was a bit of a change.
  • I also got a massage. It. was. AWESOME.
  • We had a family dinner at this amazing Polynesian restaurant we have in town called the Omni Hut. So good. So different from anything else. We usually only go about once a year because it's a bit pricey and more of a special occasion kind of place.
  • We had another family dinner on Thursday night. Lasagna was involved as that is what we have every year at this particular dinner.
  • I bought Just Dance 2 for the Wii. This ended up being a good decision. Two of my girlfriends joined my family for dinner on Christmas Eve, and we had a blast playing it and MarioKart.
  • Christmas morning with my parents, sister and grandma was quite nice. We woke up to SNOW!!!!! I have never seen snow on Christmas, so I was pretty excited even though it wasn't very much. It was still pretty.
  • I got some nice gifts this year: some running gear, some dress pants, a few sweaters, some scarves, some money, two Target gift cards, and a few other random things. So thankful.
  • One of my coolest gifts is that my mom surprised me with a scrapbook of the first year of my life. SO fun to see all my baby pictures in an album!
  • It snowed all day on Christmas, so there was actually a decent bit when we went out to the family Christmas dinner. It's still not enough to play in, but I've really loved seeing it while listening to Christmas music. It feels right.
  • I did go for a run last week with a friend. We ran on Belle Meade Boulevard, a street known around here for having some of the more expensive homes in Nashville. It's a popular spot for runners as well. It was neat to run out there around dinner time and see all the homes with Christmas lights. Other than that, I have not been running. Rest has continued to feel like the way to go as I gear up for the Goofy Challenge.
I hope you all had as nice and warm of a holiday season as I have had so far!!!


Nicole said...

sounds blissful! :) hope it was exactly what you wanted! enjoy your break!

Laura said...

Isn't it so wonderful to get all that time off? I too have had all week and it's amazing... haven't had that much of a vacation since college. Happy holidays!