Friday, December 17, 2010

Rocket City Pictures

I got a few more pictures from my cousin of me at the Rocket City Marathon.

Here's me and my cousin's husband:

This photo was right at the start. I noticed my cousin off to the side and waved, and she was able to snap the photo at just the right moment. I'm not going to lie... I kind of like seeing the definition in my leg here. I feel like when you're in your body, you don't really get to see the effects of all the running the same way as an outsider. Photos kind of help you to step outside and take a look, and it's nice to see that my legs are looking strong.

These next two photos are right around the half marathon mark. I did still feel as happy as I look.

It's funny - somewhere during the race Matt and Liz commented on how I always look so happy in my race photos. I'm not always smiling the whole race, but I do turn it on for the cameras because even if I don't feel awesome at that moment I'm still doing something I love. And that makes me smile.


Nicole said...

Love the pics lady! :)

rinusrunning said...

Nice pics and you looks good at the half marathon point!.