Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Goofy Challenge Part 4

I got a solid 8 hours of sleep on Sunday night, and then we were up and ready for our last day in Disney World. As we got ready, I suggested that we stop at the McDonald's near our hotel for breakfast... mostly because I was starving and that sounded better than park food.

As we sat in there, I looked around and saw about 8 other people with a medal. Several people were wearing Goofy medals (I had mine on of course), and one man gave me a thumbs up and a grin, so I smiled and nodded back.

I know this might sound awful, but most of the other people I saw with Goofy bibs and medals over the two days were men. It made me feel even more proud to be wearing my medal and walking around and showing that as a tiny little woman I managed to do this thing, too.

We soon headed to Hollywood Studios (which I still know and refer to as MGM). I know it's hard to believe, but I really felt great. I was still a little tired, and my feet ached... but the rest of my body seemed eerily unaware that it had just run 39.3 miles in 2 days on top of walking all over Disney for 4 days. Weird.

We started our day by riding the Tower of Terror twice and the Rockin' Rollercoaster once before heading to other parts of the park. Most of this park is shows, so I don't have a ton of photos. It also rained on us for about an hour, so we spent some time looking at the animation exhibit and seeing the history of Walt Disney's ideas. I actually think it's really cool how this one man had all these ideas that they're still implementing now.

I know it's probably a little bit conceited, but I wanted to take some photos of me with all three medals. I wish I had thought to do it in front of the castle, but this sufficed.

We saw the car stunt show - totally cool.

And yes, this happened.

We saw the Beauty and the Beast show and The Little Mermaid show. I felt great, but I still took any opportunity to take a seat.

I continued to feel hungry all day, so I munched on snacks we brought and had a cookie. I also ate a huge burger and fries at dinner (and still went back to the hotel and had another little chocolate cake. I realize I was the opposite of health in my eating, but I had just run 39.3 miles and was determined to eat whatever I saw that I wanted).

We spent the last hour or two back over on the Rockin' Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror.

We rode the rollercoast twice and then ended up riding the Tower of Terror five more times. We decided that it's better at night, mostly because the ride lasts longer. I remember riding it when I was 13 and it was relatively new, and it would do the same thing every time. Now they have it where it does something different every time... and it's AWESOME. Sometimes you go up first, sometimes down. Sometime you'll have several big drops and several little drops in no particular order. There was no line that night so we just kept getting back on and felt sure the ride was longer and more fun.

This photo is of our photo they took on the last time that we rode it. My mom actually ended up buying it because she thought it was so fun.

We crashed hard and then got up Tuesday to head home (after another McDonald's breakfast stop... epitome of health, I tell ya.) I read a little bit and then slept most of the drive until Atlanta.

It had snowed, and Atlanta is even less prepared for snow than we are here in Nashville. We drove through right at evening rush hour. Normally this would have been awful, but Atlanta was pretty much closed so no one else was out. We were starving and had a hard time finding somewhere to stop for dinner. We finally found a Steak N Shake that had its kitchen open even though it had no servers. They cooked the food but then we just had to sit down and eat it like it had been made to go.

Before long, we were back in Nashville... also covered in a good bit of snow. I got home and crashed hard, and then I was back to work on Wednesday.

My body still felt good. My feet still hurt. I almost think that all the walking around in the parks prevented me from getting too sore. I was exhausted, and catching up at work is always a little crazy. To make myself look eve crazier, I went home after work and went sledding with my sister and two cousins. My uncle got the 4-wheeler out and pulled us around behind it, too. I was worn out, but I just couldn't resist the chance to play in the snow since it happens so rarely.

Thursday and Friday were a little tough, but I spent the whole weekend at home. I slept 12-13 hours on both Friday and Saturday nights. I got caught up on laundry (though I'm painfully behind on ironing) and my emails. I started catching up on reading blogs and writing my posts. It's been a slow process to catch back up on life and get a sense of normalcy back after the holidays and two trips (and 39.3 miles).

I'm finally feeling caught up, and part of that has been that I haven't been working out. I have inflicted a two-week break on myself to ensure that I recover.

It's been a fun adventure. This trip and these races were absolutely amazing. I had so much fun getting to do this, and I would encourage anyone who is considering it to go for it.

What's next for me? Well, I have a few ideas I'll share soon. I didn't let myself think much about 2011 races before Goofy, but I'm starting to make some plans now.

Thanks for sharing this Goofy journey with me. Your kind words and encouragement have meant a lot! I thought of all of you dear readers a couple of times during the race, knowing that I'd be sharing these stories with you.


abbi said...

I enjoyed reading your recaps. Congratulations on your achievement. Awesome!

Nicole said...

What a fun trip you had! :) I'm so happy for you! great job!

Jamie said...

we were at MGM the same day! I didn't wear my medal though... kept it in my purse. I really think walking around the parks helped with the recovery but goodness I was starving the next day too.

d.a.r. said...

I don't think it's dweeby at all that you took pics with ALL of your medals!! You earned them!!

Alisa said...

Wasn't that an amazing journey????!!!!

So glad I got to share part of it with you.

Congrats goofy!