Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Quit the Gym

I know I just posted my race report from the Disney World Half, but I also wanted to offer this quick word:

I quit the YMCA tonight.

I could see some people thinking, "Gee, she runs 39.3 miles and decides that's it?!"

No. I just realized that I don't go enough to justify the expense. I'm going to do a speed session with Fleet Feet for the next couple of months one night a week. I also plan to run weekly with East Nasty. I never do my weekend long run at the gym anyways. And I have enough stuff at home to do some strength workouts other days.

I love the classes, especially spin and yoga... but I just wasn't ever getting myself there.

I might rejoin later, but for now? I think I can accomplish my goals without being a member.

It actually feels a little liberating to quit the gym. I kind of know the guy who was working the desk, and he totally gave me a guilt trip... but nothing like when Chandler tries to quit the gym on Friends!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

You can use that gym member fee for race entrys or new equipment for your at home gym!! :)