Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pet Peeves about Races

We all have them.

There were a few things that I was displeased with when I did the Disney World Goofy Challenge.  They made us walk half a mile to the start.  There was nothing much to eat at the end of the race.  The fireworks were unimpressive.

But the thing that bugged me the most?  The shirt situation.

Don't get me wrong - they were super awesome.

But the shirts only came in men's sizes.  And I had a small... and they're all like dresses.  ALL THREE.

Attention race directors everywhere: If I'm going to pay that much money for your race (and your race is one of the largest in the country), you need to have men's shirts for men and women's shirts for women.

Yay Disney for having cute long sleeve tech shirts.  Boo Disney that I will never run in mine (or even wear it with jeans) because it's not a women's shirt.

I did email the race people and politely voiced my concern, and I actually got an email back today.  No word on my whole men's vs. women's thing, but they did tell me that they had an XS marathon shirt they could send me.  It's not all three, but at least it's something.  Granted, the XS men's will still be too big, but maybe it won't look as sloppy if I wear it with jeans to go run errands.

On another similar note, I registered for the Country Music Half way back in October.  There was nothing descriptive about the shirts, so I requested a small.  The other day they announced their doing Brooks shirts again, which is awesome... but they're all men's sizes.  I sent a little email their way and was able to get my shirt order changed to an XS, but again no word on my concern about why they won't order women's shirts.  There are 35,000 people at that race... I don't think it'd hurt to place a mass order for half of the shirts to be women's fit.

I'm sure it's all about saving them money so that they have a larger profit, but I'm starting to get pretty annoyed.  The Chicago Marathon did it right... I got a women's small, and it's one of my favorite shirts.  Same thing for San Francisco.  I'm hoping these other races will start to catch on soon.


Nicole said...

Chicago did it right but i hated how much you had to walk at the end. THAT was annoying

Stacey said...

Even worse to me is when they don't tell you if they're using mens sizes only or both. So while I have plenty of huge mens sized shirts I have a couple of womens sizes that are just too tight across the bust because they actually had womens sizes but didn't think to disclose that. You can't win!

Chic Runner said...

That's funny because we do Mens and Women's sizes at work here and I'm surprised how many people don't understand that's not common, especially for larger races!! The price difference is pennies too.... that's what makes me even madder.