Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Still Here

It appears I've neglected my little piece of the internet for a while, but I hope you won't be too upset with me.

You see... it got warm here.  As in it was really nice and I spent as much time as possible outside enjoying it and not inside on my computer.

I'm pretty sure I was outside more this past weekend than I was inside, and I love it.

But then TN realized it was February and summoned the winter weather back.  I just about froze last night at my speed session (I'm doing a speed clinic for the next little bit in an effort to get a little faster for some upcoming races), and I had to wear a sweater and a scarf today.

Winter? I am over you.

Meanwhile, we got a new dress code at work and I'm allowed to wear jeans now.  You have NO idea how much this has completely and utterly changed my life.  It's so nice to be able to get out of bed and put on jeans instead of dress pants.  Honestly, I think I look nicer in jeans than dress pants anyways.

Life has been good lately.  I'm finally working back up on my mileage and running a bit more regularly after an extended recovery.  I'm spending a lot of time getting out and engaging in social activities.  Work is busy but good.  I sleep hard at night.

So don't worry... I'm still here.  I won't lie though - I am anxiously awaiting spring.  I'm tired of being cooped up inside all of the time!

Knowing my luck and knowing TN, it's likely to snow next week.

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Quirky said...

You and me both. When it hit 65 here, I was out dancing in the yard. Now I check the weather channel 50 times a day, waiting for the next dose of spring.

Good to hear that your life if full!