Thursday, February 24, 2011

Race Report: Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half Marathon

Oh yeah. I ran a half marathon almost two weeks ago.

This was my second year to run the Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half Marathon.  Once again, I planned to use it as a 13.1 mile training run and take it easy... I just didn't know going in how easy I'd end up taking it.

The race is only $6 as part of the Tennessee State Parks runs.  Granted, there are no shirts or medals, but for $6 it's nice to have a large group to join even if it is just a training run.  It also starts at 11am... a pro because it meant sleeping in, a con because it meant it was like 3:30 in the afternoon before I got home and could move on to other things.

So on Saturday the 12th, my friend Matt and I headed out to Lebanon.  I actually ran into a couple of guys that I ran cross country and track with in high school at the start.  I'm pretty sure I hadn't seen either of them since they graduated in 2000. Crazy!

As we started out, I knew that my body was going to insist that I keep it slow.  There was no way I was going to get crazy and run a really fast time.  I watched Matt take off, and I pulled out my iPod and settled into a groove.

This was only a few days after the big snow storm (the one where I couldn't get home, met some strangers and spent the night with friends), and there was still a bit of snow and ice around.  It wasn't terrible, but it made things interesting a few times.  Running uphill on ice? Not something I've really done much training for.  I almost slipped once, but after flailing my arms around a bit I caught my balance.

I had forgotten how hilly the course is! Since Huntsville and Disney were flat, I hadn't really done much running on hills since I ran the Flying Monkey Marathon. In November.  Needless to say, my legs were not happy about all the hills.

In fact, I think we only ever went up.  I have no idea how, but it never felt like I went downhill.

Very early in the race, I realized that this really would just be a long, slow run for me.  I wasn't running fast at all, and I didn't feel like I could go any faster.

I admitted to myself that my body is probably still not at 100% post-Goofy Challenge and just decided I was ok with a slow time.  It wasn't really a race for me anyways.

So I finished in 2:11:30.  HA.

I was actually pretty sore the next day, but in a good way.  But I definitely have got to get myself back into some hill training or else the Country Music Half is going to be tough.

Speaking of which, I just found out that I earned a spot on the pace team.  Just like last year, I'll be pacing a group to finish the half in 2:15.  I'm super excited!


Alisa said...

I'd love to run a 2:11 half! I wish I lived closer and was capable of anything close to a 2:15 half and I'd totally run with you as my pacer.

Alisa said...

I'd love to run a 2:11 half! I wish I lived closer and was capable of anything close to a 2:15 half and I'd totally run with you as my pacer.

LAPT said...

heya, melanie! i've been missing all your blog posts, so i am passing along a blog award to you! you can check my most recent post to see it. YAY! :-)

PS - I sent your review on the goofy challenge to a bunch of my friends b/c they have been thinking of doing it. they were totally impressed with you.

Laura said...

Ugh, I cannot imagine a race of just uphills! Whenever I am pacing, that's how I get my group through the uphills: by reminding them that what goes up must come down, so we'll get rewarded later.

Congrats on a great time despite that!

kimberly said...

Melanie, I walked the mercy run 5k in October with Laura and Brian Westerman..well, they ran..I walked. :) It was my second 5k and I walked two more after that. I decided, foolishly, to try a half marathon and was also at the cedars of lebanon frostbite. I was not expecting the ice and snow and mud and hills. I didn't train and just put my heart and soul into it. I came in last place at 4 hours...but I finished! Next time, I will train..but it has given me a love of walking long distance. I hurt my foot (because of not training) and have learned my lesson. Thanks for being an inspiration for going the distance and setting big goals all the while being real. Glad to have met you at the 5k. Keep running!!! :)