Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Approaching Race Day

Oh yeah.  I'm running the Country Music Half Marathon this Saturday.

More specifically, I am pacing the race.  I'll be running as one of the 2:15 pacers.  If you'd like to run with me, you can sign up for the pace group and get more information at the Nashville Striders booth at the race expo this Thursday and Friday.

It's an average 10:20 mile.  Some miles are a bit hillier, so we'll try to run consistently with a little flexibility for the hillier miles being slower and the less hilly miles being a little faster.

We've had storm after storm (and some tornados here and there) all week, but it looks like it will be sunny and warm on race day.  I'll definitely say a prayer or two that it's cool in the morning and stays cool until the race is over, but I know it may be wishful thinking. :)

Hope to see you out there! If you live in Nashville and are not running the race, I encourage you to get out there on the course and cheer on everyone.  It's really fun to watch 35,000 people running a distance race.

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