Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Tucker

Today my sweet Tucker turns FIVE!

I can't believe I'm posting the below photo because I'm looking pretty rough in it, but it's one of the few that shows just how tiny he was when I first got him in June 2006 (when I was 23, wow!)

Tucker has been with me since I first moved into my first apartment and lived on my own.  He's kept me company and made my life a lot warmer.

He's certainly not that tiny little kitten any more, but he's still got that same incredible purr and lovey personality that caused me to pick him from the litter.

Happy birthday Tucker!


Penny Lane said...

Awww! Cute kitty! I like his eyes.

Alisa said...

OMG he was sooooo small. Having animals is such a great addition to a household.