Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello Humidity

On Saturday, I set out with two friends to run the Country Music Half Marathon course.  Since I'm running as a pacer again this year, I felt it would be wise to give it a test run and ensure I know what I'm doing.  I haven't really trained much on the course since I ran it last year.

Plus, they changed the course a bit from the previous years... so it only made sense that I should get the lay of the land.  Unfortunately, they didn't change it for the better.  While they did eliminate an out and back that occurred on Belmont Blvd. and was WAY too crowded, they also managed to add some pretty tough hills.  This is further evidence to me that Competitor Group cares way more about their profit than their runners... but we all know I have numerous other reasons for not caring much for their events.

The bigger issue of the day was the humidity.  You see... Tennessee takes issue with having four seasons.  We tend to jump from winter to summer and then back to winter.  Case in point? 90 degrees and humid over the weekend, but sunny and gorgeous.  70 degrees and thunderstorms/tornados yesterday.  Got down to 40 something overnight and is back to sunny today, but still a bit cool.  There's not a lot of "in between" weather around here, and it will soon be hot as hell and that's that.

But Saturday was the first truly humid day I've experience this year, and running 13.1 miles in it was not ideal.  I was so sweaty after just a few miles that I opted to run in just my sports bra - something I rarely do.  (I guess it helps that I've had someone recently tell me my stomach is a lot nicer than I tend to think... it definitely boosted my confidence in showing my tummy a bit.)  I had some water with me, but I definitely should have carried more.  And by the time we got done, I was more drained than I am after a marathon.

I stopped at a gas station for a Gatorade (which I drank right away) and a Coke (for later... I tend to crave them after a hot run sometimes).  I rinsed off the sweat and salt.  Then, I took to the couch for about four hours.  I still felt hot and nauseous, and I didn't have any energy to do anything else for a while (despite the fact that I desperately need to clean my apartment).

I know that it's going to be a good thing that I not only ran the course, but that I had a chance to log a long run in the humidity.  No one wants for their first humid run to come on race day.  I'll definitely be a lot more prepared for that if it happens.

I did eventually start to feel better, and I spent some time at the park with a friend snapping some photos... I'll have to share a few of those soon.  It feels a little narcisstic that I have all these pictures of myself, but I haven't had any good ones of me since my senior pictures... TEN years ago. So it was time.  I mean, we all need a good Facebook profile pic, right?

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