Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rah Rah Ah Ah Aha

On Tuesday, Lady Gaga came to Nashville.

My friends and I had bought tickets... in September... SEVEN months ago.  To say that we were excited that April 19 finally rolled around is an understatement.

We all met up at a friend's office and got ready together and agreed it's like Halloween in April.  (Our outfits were tame compared to some of the ones we saw once we got to the show.)

Then, we totally went to dinner at SATCO all dressed up.  I have to say that I have never been out and had so many people staring at me and my friends. People actually came over and asked if they could take pictures of us.  There is no telling how many photos there are of us on the Facebook pages of perfect strangers!

A friend also noticed that my stamp the restaurant gave me is the Facebook Like!

Soon we were heading downtown...

Once we made it to the arena, we hung around outside for a bit.  It was a beautiful evening, and people watching was a blast!  And once again, everyone wanted pictures of us...

There were also some protestors who made sure to tell us we were all going to hell.  I really wanted to go over and let them know that I have Jesus and am confident my presence at a Lady Gaga concert is no worse than anything any of them have ever done (not to mention point out to them that Jesus did reach people by threatening them... have they heard of love?), but I decided I was there to have fun!

Before long it was time to head in... which took forever.  I have never had to stand in such a crowd trying to get into anything at this arena.

We found our seats just as the opening band was wrapping up their set. (I have no idea who it was, and I didn't mind that we missed them.)  And then we waited... because Lady Gaga does things on her watch.

As in, I had time to go to the bathroom twice.  On my second trip, I walked past 3 of what may have been 3 of very few straight men at the concert.  They were staring... so I smiled and nodded and said, "gentleman."  I may have even stopped to speak, but then one opened his mouth and said "Nice dress, baby."  I smiled, said thanks and kept walking.  Maybe it's too picky, but I'm not really impressed by a guy I don't know calling me baby.  Total turnoff.

Finally, Lady Gaga took the stage around 10.  What followed over the next two hours was crazy and intense and SO much fun!

Yep, this would be a piano in the hood of a car.

We danced and sang along the ENTIRE time.  I'm pretty sure I got just as much of a workout as I would have if I had run a few miles.  We had a total blast.  I know some people are not a fan of Lady Gaga... but I'm actually really impressed by her.  She actually has a pretty encouraging message when she talks in between songs... she said several things about being yourself and not letting anyone tell you you're not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc.

And the woman can sing.  And dance.

I was thoroughly entertained.

The show ended around 12:15. We all would have loved to have gone out downtown after the show, but it's hard to pull that off on a Tuesday when we all have work the next day.  (We're getting old.)

I'm not sure I've recovered yet from the late night, but it was totally worth it.


Alisa said...

AWESOME! You and your friends looked fab. Sounds like it was a great time.

d.a.r. said...

Looks like a fabulous night!