Monday, April 18, 2011

Wrecking Crew Reunion in Chicago

This weekend I headed up to Chicago for a little Wrecking Crew Reunion with my two best friends.  I was a bit nervous on Friday about whether or not I'd actually make it.  You may or may not know that there were some pretty severe storms and tornados tearing through the south on Friday... I just said a little prayer and headed on to the airport, and we managed to take off before a pretty bad storm hit.

Granted, I had a VERY bumpy flight.  It turns out, Amanda almost didn't get out Toronto due to bad weather and also had a bumpy flight.  We both finally made it and reunited with Steph and her hubby at the train station around 9pm.  We were greeted by pouring rain and were soaked by the time we made the walk back to their house, but that didn't stop us from downing some pizza and having a fun night hanging out and catching up.

On Saturday, the weather pretty much sucked.  We went out for some lunch and had some girl time in the afternoon, but it was cold.  And windy.  And raining.  Oh, and then it was snowing.  That was a surprise, and I wondered if this sign would become relevant.

Later that evening, we headed out and checked out this swanky bar called Edge.  We had a lovely evening, and the owner even bought us a round.  Sweet.  It's always so good to get together with these girls and catch up, even if we're not doing a ton.

On Sunday, we grabbed some lunch and just hung out until it was time to head out to the airport.  It was a fairly uneventful weekend since the weather was a bit disappointing, but it was still just awesome to be able to spend the weekend with these gals.  We were talking at one point about how we wonder if other people are as lucky as we are to have this kind of friendship... the kind where you can go for months without seeing each other and keeping in touch by email and then getting together and picking up like we see each other every week.

I wouldn't be who I am without these girls.

Even more exciting? I get to see Steph again at least 2-3 more times this year... and all three of us will be together in Chicago when I go up for the marathon.  Super awesome.

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Keri said...

Are you running Chicago again? If so, I will see you there!