Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Year

I'll be turning 28 this Friday.  Yep, Friday the 13th.  And it's supposed to rain.

But here's the thing... when I was born 28 years ago, it was truly a dark and stormy Friday the 13th.  I think that's why I'm not at all superstitious as well as why 13 is my lucky number.  And my mom's.  And maybe it's why I don't mind having a black cat who walks in front of me a hundred times a day.

Of course, sometimes I'm unlucky in love... but I don't think that has much to do with being born on a Friday the 13th. Ha.  And I know one day I'll be incredibly lucky in love, so this is really all moot.

But the point is that I'm only 27 for a few more days.  I think that my birthday is always a bigger cause for reflection and introspection for me than the new year.

Maybe some things didn't go exactly how I would have liked in the past year, but there's been a LOT of really good things.  I have a full life. 

I got closer to my current friends.  I met some new people that have become pretty important to me.  I ran some fantastic races.  I took some trips.  I connected with friends who live out of town.  I moved to Nashville.  I spent more time going out and about and exploring new restaurants, bars and other local spots that have quickly become some of my favorite places to hang out.

I've challenged myself.  I've accomplished a lot of things on my various to do lists.

So yeah... there have been some rough spots, but all in all? It's been a good year.

And maybe my life doesn't look exactly how I would have hoped on this birthday, but what it looks like is pretty awesome... and I have a feeling that in the year to come, things are going to look even more awesome than I could have planned myself.


Nicole said...

Happy almost birthday friend! :)

Alisa said...

Happy almost birthday. This was a great post. You definitely have accomplished big things!

d.a.r. said...

You are such a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful woman. I hope that 28 brings you everything you want and deserve. I know next year will be even better!

chris mcpeake said...

Happy b day.