Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday with my Friends

On Friday, I turned 28.   I was born on a Friday the 13th, so I woke up excited to celebrate this year's birthday on a Friday.  I had a nice day at work, and I went with some work friends for a special lunch at Blue Coast and ice cream at Menchie's.

After work, it was off to Cabana to meet up with my amazing friends here in Nashville that were able to come out for dinner.

We got lucky and actually got a cabana.  This meant we were able to pull the curtains for a little privacy (it for real felt like a private party) and plug in an iPhone to listen to what we wanted.  It was awesome.

We ate.  We laughed a ton.  We talked.  We sang along to fun songs coming up on the Pandora station we picked.  We heard another party sing "Happy Birthday" to someone, and my friends were like, "We can beat that" and sang even louder.  (A girl from the other party came over to compliment them.  My friends are awesome.)

It ended up being a pretty awesome day.

On Saturday, some friends and I ran in the Run for the Homeless 5K that our friend Ben had helped to plan.  I ran with my friend Brittany instead of racing since I was out a bit late and not really up for running fast.  I was a bit more concerned with having brunch at Jackson's after the race.

I took a solid nap Saturday and returned some phone calls I missed the day before, thanking people for all their sweet birthday wishes.  My phone (and Facebook) had been blown up the day before.  I have so many wonderful people in my life!

On Sunday, it was off to a just for fun pub run that my friend Matt had planned for his birthday that was this past week.  It was of course his party, but it felt like I was still celebrating mine, too!

We ran around town.  We earned points.  We ate cupcakes.

I still have another birthday dinner planned with my family later this week.

You know... I'm a pretty lucky girl. There's really not a lot that I'm lacking in my life... there's one or two things I'm praying specifically about and kind of wishing on my birthday candles to come about in this next year.  But past that, I pretty much have everything I need and desire.

I'm incredibly blessed.


Nicole said...

Looks like a great birthday! Last year you were visiting me the week before! Come back soon! you are always welcome!

Jackie said...

So glad you had a great birthday weekend!

rinusrunning said...