Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Low Key Turned High Key

First of all, it's 95 degrees here.  And it's going to be like 95 every day this week.  I'm sorry, but I don't think the weather got the memo that it's not quite June yet... so why is it pretending like it's mid-July.

This led me to buying yet another dress at Target today.  I'll never make it through this summer without more casual dresses, so I've slowly been finding more to expand that area of my wardrobe.

I had a pretty busy holiday weekend... even though I originally planned on it being pretty low key.  But then things kept popping up.

Drinks with friends Friday after work.

I rent a movie and got a pizza to enjoy later that evening.

I ran Saturday morning.  I napped Saturday morning.  I had lunch with my best friend and her husband who told me Friday they were coming to town briefly for a wedding (fun surprise!).  I saw Hangover 2 and laughed a lot with friends.  I picked up my best friend from her hotel and joined some other gals for drinks and dessert at Urban Flats.

I went to church Sunday.  I went to brunch with some gals.  I went home for a family cookout.

I spent Monday with my family and some friends at the pool and attempted to get a little sun (I really don't tan well, but if I go outside enough I'll eventually be a little less white.)

And I watched almost the entire first season of LOST.  I decided to watch the entire show again in hopes that if I watch it in a shorter span of time than 6 years like the first time I watched it that I might pick up on a few more things.

All in all, it ended up being a great weekend.  But it's no surprise I'm a little exhausted today.  I hit the pool for about 30 minutes after work (and when I say hit the pool I mean that I laid beside it and listened to a podcast while getting some rays), and I'm about to settle down with some dinner and more LOST.  Sometimes I have to have my low key evenings at home... especially when I've been on the go for a few days!

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