Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Registration Happy

I was reading Aron's post over at runners's rambles about how running a race always seems to make you want to sign up for more.

I definitely find this to be true.

On Sunday, I registered for TWO fall races.  Registration opened that day for The Middle Half in Murfreesboro, a race I have run in all four years they've had it and where my current half marathon PR is from.  It's the Saturday after I run the Chicago marathon, so it may be a bit much to hope for a half PR when my main fall goal is to break 4:00 at Chicago... but I'm looking forward to running the race anyways.  If you live around here, I encourage you to sign up soon.  It always sells out fast!

I also decided to join some friends and register for the Warrior Dash on September 17.  It's only a little more than 5K, but there are apparently over 10 obstacles throughout the course.  And a mudpit.  It should be fun!

I'm also thinking about running The Flying Monkey Marathon again in November.  That should round out my year of racing nicely.  I may hop in a few other short races here and there, but for now I feel pretty good about my schedule.  For some reason, I don't feel like trying to plan too much right now.


Jill @ Run for the Hills said...

I'm running the Warrior Dash! What wave did you register for? I'm at 1:30 I think.

Alisa said...

It happens!

Ooooooh warrior dash you'll love it. They have something here called the dirty bird which is pretty similar and I kinda want to do it. I just wish they held it at a time when I know it won't be FREEZING.