Monday, June 27, 2011

Park Bathrooms are Sketch

So technically this is week 3 of my 16 week training plan for the Chicago marathon.

I can't say that I started it out according to the actual plan since I ran 19 miles across 3 legs of a relay in week 1 and then a 10-mile race in week 2... not to mention that was the only running I did those weeks.

But hey.  Solid way to start training for a full, right?

Nonetheless, it's time to get serious.  Well, at least get as serious as I can because who are we kidding?  It's summer and there will be things that are more fun than running... and it will be hot... so runs will get moved around and some will get missed... but I'm certain this is going to be a solid training season anyways.

I started out this week with a little speed session with friends this evening.  We got started around 7, but the heat index was still around 92.  It was not really surprise when after my first 800s at the 7:12ish pace I felt like I was going to see my lunch.  I slowed it down for the third one to more of a 7:35 pace, and then felt like I needed a bathroom pronto.  That's when I discovered that both bathrooms on that side of the park were locked.  Thank you Metro Parks and Rec.

I slowed down a bit more for the last 800... in part due to the heat and in part due to my impending need for a bathroom.  I managed to do it a little under 8:00 pace, so I'll take it.  Quality first speed workout, I say.

Then, I found the bathroom. If you've ever wondered, the bathrooms in Centennial Park are sketch.  I used some undesirable public bathrooms before, but this was the first time I went into a women's bathroom and found that there were no doors on the stalls.  I opted for the very last toilet and said a little prayer no one would come in there.

At least there was toilet paper. Ah, the joys of marathon training.

I'm exhausted.  I forget how hard it is to run in the heat and humidity!  Crossing my fingers for cool weather in Chicago come October 9!


phampants said...

Best wishes on week 3 and beyond. I'm 2 weeks behind and starting my marathon training as we speak due to a collapse arch that has kept me sidelined since February. Best wishes & I'll see you in October!

Keri said...

I am hoping that the weather is much nicer in Chicago this year! Last year it got SO hot. Yay for a great speed workout!