Monday, June 20, 2011

Race Report: Ragnar Relay Chicago Saturday Leg 3

Sleep didn't really happen.  I suppose I was spoiled at my last Ragnar Relay... I got about 2 hours of light sleep at that one, and I didn't see any reason why we wouldn't have a nap time at this one.

What I didn't know was that there'd be no room at the designated sleeping place, so we would all 7 attempt to sleep in the van.  I ended up laying down on the floor kind of halfway under the seat, but I don't think I even dosed.  Before long, we got the call that van 2 was close to being done.

My friends asked me several times over the next couple of hours if I was ok.  I had gotten quiet... mostly because I was tired, but in part because I was a little less than thrilled that I was about to run 7.8 miles.  My quads were feeling sore, and my stomach had not handled the weird schedule very well.  I managed to eat a chocolate chip cookie I'd been saving and drank some Gatorade while trying to pysch myself up for the run.

Everyone cycled through, and before long I was out of the van and receiving the bracelet one final time from Don.  (My teammates were fond of this last outfit, too.)

I turned on my iPod and set out for my run.

It ended up that my entire run was along a bike path in the middle of the woods.  It was pretty quiet and lonely out there except for every now and then when some guy would come flying past me.  I enjoyed the solitude, and I just encouraged myself to keep it steady and to keep moving.  I had no idea what kind of pace I was keeping, and I felt tired.  I saw a bench once and wondered if anyone would get mad if I took a quick nap, ha.

I also saw an abandoned bike on the side of the path.  You have no idea how much I wanted to hop on it and ride the rest of the way in... but I kept on keeping on, and somewhere in there I was the one who crossed us from WI into IL.

I managed to get two kills on this leg, and I held off a guy trying to pass me at the very end. (No way anyone was passing me at the end of this thing, especially in front of all 11 of my teammates!)

And yes, that is me clicking my heels as I finish!

After finding out I managed to run sub-10:00 miles for 7.8 miles after being awake for 24 hours, I changed clothes and hopped in the van.  We made our way into the city and found ourselves some deep dish Chicago pizza.  It was SO good!

We had some time to wait on van 2 to get to the finish, so we explored a bit before deciding it was a bit too chilly and hanging out in the van.

You would think we would try to sleep, but at this point there was no chance.  We were all deliriously tired, and everything was funny.  I think that's my favorite part about all of this - the time you spend laughing and talking together.

Before long, our last runner was close and we crossed the finish line as a team.  In the end, we managed to have an average pace of 8:49 m/miles.  We're pretty pleased with that!

After some team pictures and celebrating, Erin and I were off to visit Steph and her husband for the night.  We opted to splurge and take a cab from Lincoln Park to her home mostly because we were way too tired to try to navigate public transit.

We showered and brushed our teeth and had snacks and told Steph and her hubby all about our adventures.  We were definitely losing it by that point, and I think they had a lot of fun laughing at us... we kept trying to tell our stories, but we were giggling so much it was hard to get the words out.

We decided we'd take a nap and then go out to dinner.  I laid down and crashed hard, and when I woke up it was about 2.5 hours later than the time we intended to wake up.  Oops.

Erin and I giggled for a bit over the weekend and decided we didn't mind that we didn't make it out to dinner and promptly fell back asleep.

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