Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Dark and Stormy Run

Plans developed early in the week for our crew to run the Percy Warner 11.2.  I knew that it could be a tough run for me since I haven't exactly been logging the miles, but I also knew I just have to suck it up and dive in.

Matt picked me up a little before 6, and it seemed like it might be a little cloudy and humid.  We met up with Liz, Andrea and Caroline (yay, I finally met her!) and set off on the loop.  We were all mildly complaining about the mugginess, but it wasn't too bad.  We chit chatted and caught up a bit.

We passed the turnoff for the 5.8 mile loop and ran further into the woods.  We heard some thunder off in the distance.  I said I had no idea it was going to rain today.  Everyone else knew, but thought it was going to be much later.  I said, "A little rain might be nice."

Um, yeah.

Next thing I knew, we were running along in a complete and total downpour.  There were several bolts of lightning and cracks of thunder that were a little bit more intense than one would like when you're running in the middle of the woods.  We debated about whether we should stop under a picnic shelter for a bit, but we were all drenched and just ready to get it done.  Besides, we've all complained about how the Country Music cancelled it's race over 2 tiny bolts of lightning in 2010.  We were not going to be stopped by a thunderstorm.

The thing is... the rain never really let up.  The only time I run in a hat is when it rains so that I can keep the water out of my contacts.  Since I had no clue it was going to ran, I was hatless.  I was also soon shirtless (even though I hate running in just a sports bra) because my shirt was getting to heavy with rain.  I was having a hard time seeing.  My feet were soaked and heavy.

We were all complaining as it's surprisingly draining to run 7 miles in pouring rain.  We may have been a little tense from all the lightning and thunder as well.  But hey - we were no longer hot and sweaty.

We finally finished and actually stood around and talked for a few minutes before heading home.  Of course, the rain stopped by the time I got home and changed clothes to run out and grab something to eat.  I had high hopes of a pool day, but I've ended up laying on the couch watching movies from the Redbox because it's still pretty cloudy.

I had run in the rain before, but I have never run in a thunderstorm... much less a downpour that doesn't let up for 2 hours.  I feel pretty tough I suppose.  Good way to come back into training?  Indeed.

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