Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello from the Sunshine State!

After work last Thursday, I hopped in the car with my family to head to the beach!

It is SO nice to get away from real life, though there are of course still things back at home that are on my mind here.

Nonetheless, I'm having a great week.  I'm not really a huge fan of the beach, so my favorite day so far has been Monday when we went to Universal Studios.  I LOVE roller coasters.  I also love Harry Potter, and the new HP section of the park was pretty awesome.

We'll be heading to a water park tomorrow, so I'm thrilled to have another active day.

But being lazy has it's perks.  I've also eaten a ton of crap.

I kinda can't believe I'm supposed to be training for a marathon.  I did go for a run the other day, but it's way too hot to do much.  I suppose all the walking around theme parks will have to count as some training.

I'm feeling a little anxious... because of all the crazy heat and my adventures, I really haven't done much training.  It's all going to have to happen in August and September.. but there will be the group training runs, so I'll go to all of them and make it happen. 

I really do want to break 4:00, but I also want to enjoy my life.  I'm not giving up on the goal, but I am trying to be realistic that so far? I haven't been following much of a training plan.

I could go run 10 tomorrow, so I suppose I'm in a solid place to start amping it up these next couple of months.  Besides... it's hot.  It's not like I can run fast right now anyways.  I'll just have to start getting the miles in over the next few months and hope that cooler weather brings speed.

For now? I'm enjoying the rest of my vacation and trying not to beat myself up over it.  Vacations are meant for being lazy, and I've definitely been doing plenty of that! I don't have cable at home, so I've watched multiple episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and reminisced over my youth with Full House and Saved by the Bell.  I've also been rereading the las Harry Potter book as I sit under my umbrella on the beach.  And sleeping.  And eating donuts and ice cream. :)

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