Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post-Vacation Adaptation

It is always SO hard to come home from vacation, but it was especially hard to head home after a glorious week at the beach.

I definitely want to share some pictures soon.  We had beautiful weather and were able to spend a lot of time out in the sand and water.  I also had a blast at both Universal Studios in Orlando and the Adventure Island water park in Tampa.

Being back at work and normal life kind of doesn't compare.  I honestly had a hard time getting motivated to do much on Sunday because being home just wasn't the same.  Or maybe I had just been so lazy at the beach that I still felt lazy.  I managed to do my laundry and tidy up the apartment... and watch tv.

But there are a lot of fun things in the months to come... I'll have a weekend with friends full of whitewater rafting, hiking and river tubing.  Marathon training needs to pick up since I have two marathons this fall.  I'll have a blast in Chicago in October when I head up for that race.  I'm running another relay here in TN in November.  There are some other possibilities of fun things in the near future that I'm excited to see what happens...

I've had a lot of ups and downs lately, and I have to admit that things aren't quite what I'd like right now... but I'm still enjoying life and making the most of it the best I can.

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