Sunday, July 3, 2011

Time to Get Serious

For someone who is marathon training, I haven't really been acting like I'm marathon training.

For starters, I have yet to create my standard Google Document with my training plan, and I've already gone through the first 3 weeks.

I also have not been running enough.  I suppose that's not really ideal.

It appears I can't seem to shake the mentality I've had these past 6 months... I definitely came home from the Goofy Challenge intending to take it easy for a season or two.  However, it's time to amp it up.

So this week, I will be creating my Google Doc so I can start following it.

I will not worry about the fact that I'm going to the beach for a week and know myself well enough to know that means I'll miss two long runs on either side of the week.  (I am very sad I'll be missing the Bongo to Bongo training run that the Striders will be doing.) (But then I remember I'll be at the beach and I feel less sad.)

I am also going to cut myself some slack that I haven't really started training on the right foot.  Really? I started it with two pretty awesome races.  And I'm in pretty decent half marathon shape... maybe not PR half marathon shape, but I'm starting out at a place where I'm building off of 10 miles and not like 5 or something crazy as if I were a new marathon runner.

So.  Here we go.  Time to get serious.  Starting this week.  (Let's forget that a long run is unlikely next weekend since I'll be at the lake, but I remember how sore wakeboarding makes me... that'll just have to count as my weekend workout.)

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L Finch said...

Good for you! I follow your blog (even though I don't comment - I'm more of a lurker - creepy!) and I'm so excited for you. You'll do great, don't worry about it. :)
Good luck!