Saturday, August 6, 2011

16 Sweaty Miles

The alarm started going off at 5am.  I really do not like mornings, so it's always kind of blown my own mind that I've gotten into running since it does require some early mornings for long runs and races. (My other mid-week runs? Always in the evenings. I cannot run before work in the morning. It does not give me that amazing feeling of energy like it's going to be an amazing day kind of feeling that all you other morning runners claim...)

I met up with Liz, Andrea, Amy and Caroline at the greenway and we set out on our 16-mile run.  I had a nice past dinner last night after some tax-free shopping with my mom and had slept pretty well for 6 hours, so I felt decent as we started.  I do NOT like wearing a fuel belt, but what else are you going to do? TN summer.

We ran and chatted and got to catch up and the time seemed to be passing pretty quickly.  Amy and Caroline had started before us, so they had a few more miles already in.  We all tend to run about the same pace so it's so nice to have each other for these long, humid run.

It was overcast the entire time with a threat of rain I wasn't sure I wanted.  I know it would cool us off, but it was pretty miserable running in a storm last weekend.  The cloud coverage helped, and it wasn't too hot... but oh the humidity!!!!

The last mile or so started to feel tough, and I totally walked this one crazy steep hill.  But we finished all 16 miles in about 2:50.  I felt better than I did after the 11.2 last weekend.  It's kind of nuts, because honestly? I hadn't run more than 10 since late June before that 11 last weekend.  Jumping up to 16 made me nervous, but I guess I've retained more fitness than I thought.

I'm sure I'll be a little sore, but I felt great for the most part.  I promptly went to Donut Den and got two donuts for a snack.  I mean, why do this if I can't do that?

When I got back home, I looked up to see Tucker snoozing in the window.

I had just enough time to take off my soaking wet clothes and then the storm hit.  I'm letting it pass before I hop in the shower, and Tucker is enjoying watching the rain come down.

It's tax-free weekend here in TN.  I don't really like to shop, but I have several gift cards I've been needing to use so it makes sense to do so when I don't have to use any of it for taxes.  I found some new running shorts and two running tops yesterday.  Today my mom and I are off to hit up a few other places.  I'm hoping all this rain will keep it from being too crowded!

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Christine said...

Good job on your run!!! You deserved your shopping spree, especially when it's tax-free!