Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marathons and 50Ks

I'm thinking about signing up for a 50K sometime in the reasonably near future if I can find one that's appealing.

A lot of the ones around here that people really brag on happen in October, and I'm not about to do that when I am already running Chicago as well as The Middle Half that month.

I'm considering the Swamp Stomper 50K in Memphis in January.  Is anyone else out there running it?  Anyone who has run it before?  I'd love to know a bit more about it before I think about taking the plunge.

On the other hand, I'm already doing a marathon in October and November.  I'm considering running Huntsville again in December because I love it so much, and a friend is running it as her first full.  If I do that, then I don't think I'd be game for a 50K the next month.  That's a lot of long races in 4 months.  They do have a 25K option, so it could be fun to do that instead... but do I really want to travel to Memphis for a 25K?  (Memphis is not exactly one of my favorite places.)

These are the debates I have with myself about races.  I also have an opportunity that could require some weekend commitments, so this may all be moot soon...

Nonetheless, I'm open to any thoughts and words of wisdom you may have to share.

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Amy said...

Swampstomper was my first! And... it's a GREAT race for a first timer, except... it's called swampstomper for a reason... It's january and it rains. When I ran it, I'd say I spent about 4 hours in water and mud up to my shins. Plus it was raining for the first 3 hours of the race...

And I don't think that's unusual for that race. (last year I hear the weather was nice, though). The trail is very doable and not very technical at all... so in that regard it's great... just know going into it that the weather and the trail could be awful.

If you want to run it, be sure to know the sign up date.. because it sells out FAST (the day of, usually).

Alabama has a bunch of 50ks in Jan/Feb/March... they usually sell out pretty fast, too and again.. the weather is a crapshoot.

Trail races are definitely a completely different animal than road races.. BUT SO MUCH FUN! :)