Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shortish Long Run Fail

The plan today was to run 12 miles.  We had all done about 16 last weekend, and we've got 20 coming up next weekend.  12 seemed like a good option for this in between week.

We celebrated a friend's birthday last night with a yummy meal at Burger Up followed by drinks at 12 South Taproom.  I was in bed promptly at 10:30.  (Yes. We are getting old and go to bed early on Friday night.)

I know I got plenty of sleep, but I still woke up at 5:30 feeling unwell.  It's not that I felt truly sick, but my tummy wasn't feeling normal.  I came really close to send the text message that I was going to bail, but I knew I haven't really been getting in enough miles considering I'm running a full soon.

So I went.  I felt like crap the entire time, but listening to my other friends talk pulled me through.

However, I called it at 8.5 miles.  My tummy was not behaving, and my lower back was hurting way more than it should.  I knew that I'd be better off calling it early and getting more rest so that I can have solid runs this next week than to power through a few more miles and feel like crap.

Sometimes you have to do what your body says.

I came home, showered, and got back in bed for about 4 hours.  Yeah.  Apparently I still needed more sleep.

I spent some time this afternoon out at the pool.  While reading Entertainment Weekly, I happened upon an article and photos of Lady Antebellum.  I thought the scenery looked familiar.  Then I read the caption.

"Photographed at Nashville's Patterson House on August 9."

Um yeah... that's totally the day I was at Patterson House and saw them.

It was kind of cool reading this article and knowing I had seen them there shortly after those photos were taken.

I'm enjoying a quiet day to myself.  I'm probably going to go out a little later and grab a drink at a nearby place where some friends are having a party.  I want to say hi and wish the guy a happy birthday.  But other than that? It's nice to just be relaxing.

Maybe I'll finally upload some photos of my summer adventures and schedule them to post throughout this week for you to enjoy.

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