Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marathon #11

Oh yeah.  I'm running a marathon in Chicago this weekend.

It's funny... I haven't packed yet (though I did finally make the list of what I need to pack and went and got my suitcase from my parent's attic).  I haven't checked the race website.  I haven't made any set plan with regards to going to the expo on Saturday.  I've barely made plans with friends for finding each other AT the race.  And I have looked at the weather, but mostly just so I know how to pack and not because I'm too concerned about race day.

Maybe it's because it's my 11th marathon and I know what to do.  Or maybe it's because I'm just kind of in a bit of a funk so it's not really a big deal right now.

I'm more interested in just going to Chicago and seeing my friends than I am the race.  The race I have only kind of halfway trained for...

It's just funny how your plans change.  When I registered for this race on February 1st, I was sure I'd train hard and go up there with a goal to break 4:00.  Instead, I've barely gotten enough long runs in (and definitely have skipped a lot of other runs) and I just want to enjoy the course, the city, my friends and new people I meet along the way.  I don't care in the least what the clock says.

It feels good to be going up there with no set plan for the race, but at the same time I kind of can't believe myself that I didn't do what I intended to do all along.

It's going to be a fun weekend.  It's going to be a fun race.

It just isn't going to be what I had originally intended, and that's ok.

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Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said...

Good for you - ENJOY IT! With 11 marathons under your belt, you've been there and done it…and Chicago is a fun city! Good luck!