Monday, October 17, 2011

Race Report: The Middle Half 2011

On Saturday, I ran in The Middle Half in Murfreesboro.  Not only was this the fifth year this race has been held, it was also my fifth time to run it.  I always love running this race since it starts, finishes and runs all around the MTSU campus.  It's fun to go back up there and remember how I ran there all the time in college.

Because I had run the race all five years, I even got this really sweet Brooks pullover with the race logo embroidered on it in addition to the Brooks long sleeve tech shirt all runners receives.  it was really cool to get something extra for streaking this race.  I fully intend to keep running it in the years to come.

My mom and sister were also going to do this race - it was mom's very first half!

We found a few friends at the start line.

I planned to walk with my mom and sister.  I made it about 10 minutes and realized I just couldn't do it.  I am not cut out to walk when other people are running.  I knew that I wouldn't run my best race six days after running a full, but when mom said she wanted me to run if I wanted to I decided to just take off.

It ended up being a fun little game.  By the time I decided to run, we were already in the very back of the crowd.  It was neat catching up and passing people and pushing myself to see how much time I could make up.  I saw a few people I knew along the way, so I'd jog with them for a bit and say hello.  It was nice just being out there for fun and not worrying about the clock.  I also saw spectators I knew along the way.

It turns out that the police blocked the wrong road somewhere along the way in the second mile, and a large portion of the runners ran an extra half mile.  It was corrected before I came along, but it was all I heard people talking about for the rest of the race.

There are a couple of portions in the first few miles where there are out and back sections.  It was fun getting to see people I knew and wave hello.  I saw a couple of friends that I felt sure I could catch up to.

Around mile 7, I caught up to my friend Rachel.  I had managed to make up enough time that I was averaging 10:00 minute miles.  Since I had walked the first 10 minutes or so, I knew this meant I had been running pretty fast for the past hour to make up that much time.

I could tell that I needed to back off a bit or else I'd crash.  I was glad to find Rachel, and we chatted as we ran the rest of the race.

I also found my cousin Mark at the end.

Rachel and I finished in 2:10.  It was a far cry from the 1:52 PR I ran here last year, but I'll take it.  I had a ton of fun, and that's what has been mattering to me most lately.  I was also really feeling the marathon I had run when I hit mile 11 or so.

I got some food and spent some time mingling with some other friends before finding a spot at the finish line to wait for Meredith and mom.

They finished walking it in 3:45.  We were so proud of mom!

We got our medals and headed home.  Mom was definitely worn out.  We got some food (Sonic - yum!) and then settled in for an afternoon of napping.

I fell asleep on the couch and woke up once to find all three cats on me (I had taken Tucker home with me for the weekend.)  He had gotten up before mom snapped this photo of the other two cats napping with me.

The Middle Half is by far my favorite half marathon in the area.  I think it's even better than the Country Music Half.  I'll be there again next year if I can!

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Christine said...

I love the fact your mom participated in this race!!! I wish my family would be interested in running. Glad you had a fun time!!