Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marathon #12

On Sunday, I'll be running the Flying Monkey Marathon... this is my second time to run it, and it'll be my 12th marathon.

Today, we got this email from the race director... Awesome.

"Oh dear.

It looks like it may rain. Doesn't it. And you have clicked refresh on weather dot com some 623 times over the past 3 days. But the forecast has not changed, has it. Oh dear. What are you gonna do?

This is what you're gonna do: you will come out Sunday morning and run the Monkey. Cripes people. It is just rain. What did you think Monkey would be? A walk in the park? No, it's the Monkey. You are supposed to suffer. For 26.2 miles. Maybe more. Rain? Meh. So you get wet. And after you finish, I expect you to stick around and enjoy the food and drink and camaraderie. Don't like getting wet? Put on a jacket.

Maybe it won't rain. But if it does, you will get to run "the year it rained at Monkey". How cool would that be? You got me kinda hoping it does.

Sunday. Plan to arrive before 7:30. Plan to start by 8am. Plan to complete the Monkey, regardless of weather. Earn your medal and shirts. And after you finish, plan to stick around eating the good food, drinking the good drink and hanging out with your fellow Monkeys. The party will go until 3 or so. And plan on celebrating the rain.

See you at packet pickup. You can punch me then.

Monkey is coming. Think Monkey.


Tasha said...

Oh wow. Rain is no bueno.

Good luck on the Monkey! I will cross my fingers and do an anti-rain dance for you!

Christine said...

Great email!! Good luck this weekend!!