Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Race Report: Flying Monkey Marathon

On Sunday November 20th, I ran in the 6th Annual Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon in Percy Warner Park here in Nashville.  This was my second year in a row to run it.

When Matt and his wife picked me up to head to the park, I made a comment that this just might be the last time I do it. The course includes over 3,000 ft in elevation - both up and down.  Sure, we train out there all the time... but that usually involves running the 11.2... not running it twice and then some.  There was also rain in the forecast.  It was cloudy, but it wasn't raining just yet.  Fortunately, it wasn't too cold (in the 60s) so I ran in my Marathon Maniacs tank top and some shorts.

Once we got to the start, there was a Marathon Maniacs group photo.  This race was one of the three I ran last year to qualify.

Matt, Amy, Liz and I do a lot of training together and planned to start the race and see how things went.  We are all Marathon Maniacs, so it was fitting that we were all running this crazy local race together.

Before long, it was time to start.  Liz quickly took off, but she has trained better than the rest of her so we were happy to see her go off to see what she could do.  Matt, Amy and I stuck together and started chatting and catching up on life. 

Around mile 2, it started raining.  I knew it was coming so I was prepared for it mentally.  I've run in the rain many times, but this was my first full marathon in the rain.  I hate running in a hat, but I had it on to keep the water out of my contacts and know that as long as my eyes were dry, I'd be ok.

The three of us chatted and realized after the first hour that the time was actually going by rather quickly.

The rain was pretty unrelenting, but we got lucky that it wasn't all that cold out when you were running.  I hardly noticed that I was soaking wet until after the race. 

We came up on the half marathon marker and all agreed that we were totally fine with running a 5-hour marathon like what we were on track to do.

We continued talking and letting the miles pass by, and we all agreed it seemed like we were seeing less of our fellow runners this year than we did last year.  I couldn't imagine running this race alone and was so thankful to have the company of Amy and Matt.

Around mile 19, we saw Matt's wife and grabbed some Twizzlers.  A few miles later our friend Andrea was working a water stop and had some more Twizzlers.  I have decided this is one of my favorite things to eat during a marathon.  A few miles from the end, I grabbed some Pringles at a water stop and decided they may be my second favorite thing to eat.  Or maybe I was just running slowly enough that I was starving and could handle something like those items.

Before long, we hit mile 25 and pushed our way to the finish.  It's crazy, but it's the first time that Amy, Matt and I have finished a full together.

We managed to finish in 4:54:58, just shy of that 5-hour mark we had been talking about at the half marathon point.

The rain did stop over the last 2-3 miles, but it picked back up again shortly after we finished.  This race is usually so fun to hang around after, but we were all too wet and cold to stick around for too long.

Oddly enough, we did manage to run the second half in about the same time as the first!  Our pace definitely fluctuates a bit with the hills, but it cracks me up we did the last mile in 9:31.  We were clearly ready to be done!

Later that evening, there was a post-race dinner at Mafioza's so we all went.  It's always fun to eat a TON of food and hang out with other runners and discuss the race.


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And umm... it totally looks like Trent is trying to grab my boob in that one pic. Haha.

Christine said...

Good job! Congrats on finishing a marathon :)