Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Dark and Stormy Run

Plans developed early in the week for our crew to run the Percy Warner 11.2.  I knew that it could be a tough run for me since I haven't exactly been logging the miles, but I also knew I just have to suck it up and dive in.

Matt picked me up a little before 6, and it seemed like it might be a little cloudy and humid.  We met up with Liz, Andrea and Caroline (yay, I finally met her!) and set off on the loop.  We were all mildly complaining about the mugginess, but it wasn't too bad.  We chit chatted and caught up a bit.

We passed the turnoff for the 5.8 mile loop and ran further into the woods.  We heard some thunder off in the distance.  I said I had no idea it was going to rain today.  Everyone else knew, but thought it was going to be much later.  I said, "A little rain might be nice."

Um, yeah.

Next thing I knew, we were running along in a complete and total downpour.  There were several bolts of lightning and cracks of thunder that were a little bit more intense than one would like when you're running in the middle of the woods.  We debated about whether we should stop under a picnic shelter for a bit, but we were all drenched and just ready to get it done.  Besides, we've all complained about how the Country Music cancelled it's race over 2 tiny bolts of lightning in 2010.  We were not going to be stopped by a thunderstorm.

The thing is... the rain never really let up.  The only time I run in a hat is when it rains so that I can keep the water out of my contacts.  Since I had no clue it was going to ran, I was hatless.  I was also soon shirtless (even though I hate running in just a sports bra) because my shirt was getting to heavy with rain.  I was having a hard time seeing.  My feet were soaked and heavy.

We were all complaining as it's surprisingly draining to run 7 miles in pouring rain.  We may have been a little tense from all the lightning and thunder as well.  But hey - we were no longer hot and sweaty.

We finally finished and actually stood around and talked for a few minutes before heading home.  Of course, the rain stopped by the time I got home and changed clothes to run out and grab something to eat.  I had high hopes of a pool day, but I've ended up laying on the couch watching movies from the Redbox because it's still pretty cloudy.

I had run in the rain before, but I have never run in a thunderstorm... much less a downpour that doesn't let up for 2 hours.  I feel pretty tough I suppose.  Good way to come back into training?  Indeed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post-Vacation Adaptation

It is always SO hard to come home from vacation, but it was especially hard to head home after a glorious week at the beach.

I definitely want to share some pictures soon.  We had beautiful weather and were able to spend a lot of time out in the sand and water.  I also had a blast at both Universal Studios in Orlando and the Adventure Island water park in Tampa.

Being back at work and normal life kind of doesn't compare.  I honestly had a hard time getting motivated to do much on Sunday because being home just wasn't the same.  Or maybe I had just been so lazy at the beach that I still felt lazy.  I managed to do my laundry and tidy up the apartment... and watch tv.

But there are a lot of fun things in the months to come... I'll have a weekend with friends full of whitewater rafting, hiking and river tubing.  Marathon training needs to pick up since I have two marathons this fall.  I'll have a blast in Chicago in October when I head up for that race.  I'm running another relay here in TN in November.  There are some other possibilities of fun things in the near future that I'm excited to see what happens...

I've had a lot of ups and downs lately, and I have to admit that things aren't quite what I'd like right now... but I'm still enjoying life and making the most of it the best I can.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hello from the Sunshine State!

After work last Thursday, I hopped in the car with my family to head to the beach!

It is SO nice to get away from real life, though there are of course still things back at home that are on my mind here.

Nonetheless, I'm having a great week.  I'm not really a huge fan of the beach, so my favorite day so far has been Monday when we went to Universal Studios.  I LOVE roller coasters.  I also love Harry Potter, and the new HP section of the park was pretty awesome.

We'll be heading to a water park tomorrow, so I'm thrilled to have another active day.

But being lazy has it's perks.  I've also eaten a ton of crap.

I kinda can't believe I'm supposed to be training for a marathon.  I did go for a run the other day, but it's way too hot to do much.  I suppose all the walking around theme parks will have to count as some training.

I'm feeling a little anxious... because of all the crazy heat and my adventures, I really haven't done much training.  It's all going to have to happen in August and September.. but there will be the group training runs, so I'll go to all of them and make it happen. 

I really do want to break 4:00, but I also want to enjoy my life.  I'm not giving up on the goal, but I am trying to be realistic that so far? I haven't been following much of a training plan.

I could go run 10 tomorrow, so I suppose I'm in a solid place to start amping it up these next couple of months.  Besides... it's hot.  It's not like I can run fast right now anyways.  I'll just have to start getting the miles in over the next few months and hope that cooler weather brings speed.

For now? I'm enjoying the rest of my vacation and trying not to beat myself up over it.  Vacations are meant for being lazy, and I've definitely been doing plenty of that! I don't have cable at home, so I've watched multiple episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and reminisced over my youth with Full House and Saved by the Bell.  I've also been rereading the las Harry Potter book as I sit under my umbrella on the beach.  And sleeping.  And eating donuts and ice cream. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lazy Summer Tendencies


It has been HOT up in here.  Like yesterday? 110 heat index.

This leads to several things, but the biggest is that I get lazy.  The heat is draining!

Granted, it's also summer... which means that there is more fun stuff to do.  This past weekend? I hung out with friends at the lake and got to do some tubing and wakeboarding.  It was awesome!

I'll also be heading to the beach soon with my family.

Am I running?  Here and there.  It's not as much as it should be, but I'll get it in gear after vacation.  I'm not beating myself up about it this time.  It'll all work out.

I'm staying busy with friends, but I'm also spending a lot of time feeling sluggish and taking it easy.

The thing is... this is what it's like every summer.  And that means I disappear from the blog a bit.

Don't worry.  I'll be around.  I just can't take my iMac out to the pool so I just may be around these parts a little less often for a while longer.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebrating the 4th

On Monday, I hung with a few dear friends and went to the big firework show downtown at Riverfront.  I haven't been in a few years... last year I was moving so I was too busy, the year before I was in England, and the year before that I was in Florida.  It was time to check them out again, crazy crowds and all.

We met up at a friend's place downtown and hung out for a while.

We acted silly.

We got the bright idea to try an Insanity workout.

And then we finally walked over to Riverfront and joined the GOBS of people in the heat to see the fireworks. (We may have had a few minutes to kill before they got started.)

The show was pretty awesome.  I think the Nashville fireworks are ranked 4th in the country or something like that... so they say...

All in all, it was a fun night!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I went to the NKOTBSB concert.  We figured it was a concert that would span both of the musical interests we had in our youth and that it'd be fun to go together. 

We met up with some other friends before the show for some yummy mexican food and margaritas.

Then, it was off to the concert.  Jordin Sparks open (and I was surprisingly entertained), and then it was time for the Kids and the Boys to hit the stage.

Yes, I know.  They are all in their 40s now.  But this doesn't change the nostalgia of the thousands of women crowded into the arena.

It was definitely a fun show, but I kind of expected them to perform more together than as individual bands... they also did more medleys than singing entire hit songs.  I enjoyed it, but I would say I enjoyed the NKOTB reunion tour a couple of years ago more.

Since we were already downtown, we decided to go hang out at The Stage for a bit.

One of many things I love about Nashville is that you really can find awesome live music on a Tuesday.  This band was great!  We sang and danced, and then we finally went home and crashed.  It was a Tuesday after all!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Time to Get Serious

For someone who is marathon training, I haven't really been acting like I'm marathon training.

For starters, I have yet to create my standard Google Document with my training plan, and I've already gone through the first 3 weeks.

I also have not been running enough.  I suppose that's not really ideal.

It appears I can't seem to shake the mentality I've had these past 6 months... I definitely came home from the Goofy Challenge intending to take it easy for a season or two.  However, it's time to amp it up.

So this week, I will be creating my Google Doc so I can start following it.

I will not worry about the fact that I'm going to the beach for a week and know myself well enough to know that means I'll miss two long runs on either side of the week.  (I am very sad I'll be missing the Bongo to Bongo training run that the Striders will be doing.) (But then I remember I'll be at the beach and I feel less sad.)

I am also going to cut myself some slack that I haven't really started training on the right foot.  Really? I started it with two pretty awesome races.  And I'm in pretty decent half marathon shape... maybe not PR half marathon shape, but I'm starting out at a place where I'm building off of 10 miles and not like 5 or something crazy as if I were a new marathon runner.

So.  Here we go.  Time to get serious.  Starting this week.  (Let's forget that a long run is unlikely next weekend since I'll be at the lake, but I remember how sore wakeboarding makes me... that'll just have to count as my weekend workout.)

Friday, July 1, 2011

101 in 1001 Update

Another month, another update!

26. Visit 3 new states - I went to Wisconsin for the first time when I ran the Ragnar Relay from Madison, WI to Chicago.

53. See Stephanie and Amanda at least once a year if schedules allow - I got to Steph again this month when I was in Chicago for the relay.

68. Go to three concerts per year - My sister and I went to the NKOTBSB concert.  It was a blast from the past for sure!

95. Watch one new movie per month, minimum - This month I watched several movies: Waiting for Forever, Just Go With It, Bridesmaids, and You Again.

96. Read one book per month, minimum - This month I read The Devil Wears Prada.  It's very different from the movie.