Friday, February 3, 2012

Jillian Michael's Get Ripped in 30 - Week 2 Update

This week, I did Week 2 of the Jillian Michael's Get Ripped in 30 DVD 5 times.

Let me tell you... it got much harder.

When I first did it on Monday, I couldn't fathom doing it again.  The moves aren't really THAT much more complex, but it was just enough that my weak little upper body struggled.  For example, there are a LOT of moves based on plank.  Plank jacks.  Plank mountain climbers.  Plank squats.

However, I found that I was already able to handle it much better on Tuesday.  It seemed to get a little easier throughout the week, but I definitely still found myself sweating and glad it was over when the end arrived.

After doing it for the fifth time today, I can definitely see that my endurance for the moves has increased.  I'm still doing the modified versions of all of the plank moves, but I'm actually able to do them for pretty much the entire time now.  Progress, I has it.

Nonetheless, I think it would take me a while before I'd be able to do the advanced version of everything in this week's workout.  I may attempt it later, but for now I plan to advance to week 3.

I am definitely feeling it after the workouts.  I'm not "oh my gosh I can't wash my hair" sore, but I can feel some aches from where I've worked various muscles.

After two weeks, I can feel myself getting stronger.  I can tell that I've trimmed up a bit, but I still don't have quite the toned results that I hope to see at the end of the 4 weeks.  Nonetheless, I'm pleased.

I've also been making sure to run 3 times a week as well.  I haven't been doing crazy long runs lately... usually between 4-8 miles... but some of the runs have been pretty hilly.  If nothing else, my legs should be strong and ready to hit the ski slopes two weeks from now!

I have a feeling that the first day of the week 3 workout is going to be tough.  Probably tougher than tough.  But I really feel like I'm getting an excellent workout each time I do it, so I'm going to keep at it for the next two weeks and see what happens.

As far as the visible results I'm seeing?  Well, I feel like my love handles have lost a little of their holiday love.  I still want to see more toning through my mid-section, but I know that kind of progress takes time.  It's nice to know I'm strengthening my core, even if I can't totally see it yet.  That will be good for skiing and running!

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