Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ski Trip to Snowshoe, WV

On Friday, I headed out with the boy and some of his friends to make the drive to Snowshoe, WV for a ski trip.  I hadn't been on a road trip with friends in a while, and we had a blast making our way along the road laughing, talking, and playing trivia with the other carload.

We arrived and got our skis, and then spent the evening making dinner and hanging out in the hot tub.

We hit the slopes right when they opened Saturday morning.  It was the boy's birthday, and we were eager to have a ton of fun to celebrate.

It didn't take me long to get my ski legs back, and I was happy to stick to the green runs with some of the others on the "green team."  We skied until about 2 when some of us returned to the cabin for lunch and a little break.

Later that evening, we all headed out for 3 hours of night skiing.  I chose this time to rock my awesome one-piece ski suit that the boy insisted we buy at Goodwill.

I took my first fall of the day that night when I went down a green run that I think the bottom was truly a blue.  I laughed and made my way the rest of the way down, but I was pleased it was the only time I really fell all day.

We all went home exhausted and crashed hard before getting up on Sunday to do it all again.  I ended up skiing from 10am-9pm with a break for lunch and another little drink/snack break later in the day.  I had SO much fun.

Some of the boys were doing jumps in the terrain park, so it was fun to watch them and try to take their picture like this one of the boy flying through the air.

Later in the day it started snowing and continued for a few hours into the night.  It was SO pretty.

I decided that I was feeling comfortable and wanted to try my first blue run ever.  The boy coached me down as I made my way along the run.  Some parts were really steep!  It was a ton of fun, so I ended up doing it two more times before my legs started to feel worn out.

It's hard to show how steep it was in pictures, but this is the bottom part of the blue I did.

We had SO much fun skiing all day.  We hit the cabin after the slopes for pizza and time in the hot tub.

We made our way home on Monday sore and worn out.  I think I was out cold by 10pm that night and slept hard until about 8 the next day!

I had such a great trip, and it makes me want to go skiing more often.  Of course, we came home to warm weather and will see like 73 degrees tomorrow.  So maybe I'm ready for some summer fun.  Goodness knows I love wakeboarding on the lake!


Christine said...

Nice trip!!

Erin said...

Looks like y'all had a fantastic time! This makes me want to go skiing... and get some hot chocolate... even though it's in the 70's down here in Louisiana.

Glad you got to take a little weekend vacation!

danielle said...

I think you should capitalize The Boy. It just feels right.