Thursday, March 1, 2012

20th Half Marathon

So unless I'm counting wrong (which is possible since I've never really been a numbers girl (which is off considering I like to run and running is all about numbers like mileage and paces and PRs, etc.) and I'm feeling too lazy to go back and count again to be sure)... I will be running my 20th half marathon in New Orleans on SUNDAY.

I feel like 20 is a good flat number, and it seems fitting that I am traveling to run a fun race in a fun city.  A city I have never visited, no less, but that has been on my list to visit.

I had actually signed up for the full back in October, but I realized a while back that it just wasn't a good time for me to train for another full.  It's turned out, I haven't really trained well for a half either.

This will not be a PR attempt.  In fact, I am not making ANY kind of time goal.  I just want to have fun and take pictures and enjoy the scenery of a new city and then enjoy the rest of the trip sightseeing with the girls.

I can't wait.  It looks like we'll have good weather, so I'm packing all sorts of spring clothes for both the race and to wear around town.

I'll catch ya on the flip side!


Amy said...

Yay!!!! Have fun!

Running-girl said...

New Orleans...WOW! Have a great time. I love running without any expectations. It makes it much more enjoyable.