Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy birthday Tucker!

Today my little Tucker is 6 years old!

He was such a tiny little thing when I brought him home in June 2006.  I was getting ready to move into my own apartment for the first time, and I knew I'd be happier with a pet.

Out of the kittens in his litter, he was the one that climbed in my lap and started purring.  He was also very chatty and let me hold him and love on him a lot, so I knew pretty quickly that he was mine.

I had him a few weeks before I finally settled on a name.  He was a VERY active kitten, and he would play and play until he would literally just fall over asleep, all tuckered out.

He's remained a very active and happy cat over the past 6 years.  He still loves to run around, though I can tell he's slowing down a bit. I've also been able to tell in just the last 6 months or so that he's starting to fill out (his belly is definitely bigger!), and I've noticed a few white hairs here and there.  But he definitely still seems to have his youth.  He loves to sit and look out the couch at the world outside, staying alert for hours.

He still follows me room to room.  He still is found waiting at the door when I come home.  He still comes running and meowing anytime I yell out "Tucker, do you want a treat?"  He's still a traitor if I have a boy over, preferring to curl up on them (maybe he feels like he's protecting me?)

And he still loves to curl up and sleep on me.

We've been through a lot in 6 years.  We are living in his third home.  He still goes to stay at my parent's house any time I go over night or if I am going out of town for a trip.  He's seen boyfriends come and go.  He's gotten to know many of my friends, cat lovers and non-cat loves alike.  He's had bladder infections that led to me finding out he has a bladder disease, which means he has prescription cat food to prevent blockages.  (So he's totally fine, but it did scare me when it first happened!)

But I'm hoping that he's only a third of a way through his life and that there is much more in store for our journey in this world together.  He's been my only roommate for 6 years, and I plan on keeping it that way until I find the man I want to live my life with... for now, he's my little Tucker man, and I can't imagine coming home to an empty apartment.  I definitely pray that we have many more years together!

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Happy Birthday little man :)